Concur Expenses: Overview for UK Businesses

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Managing business expenses doesn’t have to be a headache. There are a number of expense management tools available to help with everything from uploading receipts to analysing monthly spend.

One of these is Concur Expenses. We’ll give you the full lowdown on how Concur’s expense software works here in this guide, including features, pricing information and integrations. It’s all to help you figure out whether it’s the best choice for your business.

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What is Concur Expenses?

Concur Expenses is just one of many business tools available from SAP Concur. The US-based company specialises in providing travel and expense management services for companies. Its cloud-based Concur Expenses product is designed to offer automated and integrated expense management.

Business owners can stay in control of spending wherever they are in the world, while employees have a more convenient way to submit their expenses. It has tools for invoicing, data insights and specialist products for public sector organisations too.

According to its website, the company gets glowing reviews from its customers. For example, 93% of Concur reviewers on GetApp¹ would recommend it to colleagues or friends.

The picture isn’t so rosy on TrustPilot unfortunately, where SAP Concur receives a poor rating of just 2.1 out of 5², with reviewers most unhappy with customer service. However, this is an unclaimed TrustPilot profile with only 17 Concur Expenses reviews in total.

Concur Expenses pricing

The first thing you’ll naturally want to know about using SAP Concur for expenses is how much it costs.

Unfortunately, Concur doesn’t publish pricing details on its website, as costs vary according to factors like company size and usage.

Concur Expenses features

Now, what’s on offer for businesses interested in using Concur expense management tools? Here are the main features you need to know about³:

  • Simplified expense reporting, where you can see all of your expense data in one place.
  • Automatically capture receipts and process reports in real time.
  • Configurable settings to meet your business needs.
  • Submit, review and approve expense claims on the go.
  • Integrations with existing systems and business tools.
  • Support for budgeting, forecasting and policy compliance.
  • Secure expense data tracking.

Concur Expenses app

Alongside online cloud-based software, there’s also a Concur Expenses app.

The main feature to know about is ExpenseIt. This is a receipt scanning mobile app which lets employees snap and upload photos of paper receipts⁴. It effectively turns photos into data. This gives business owners and managers accurate, near real-time expense reports and insights.

The app lets you add receipts to expense claims instantly, and automatically itemise expenses with accounting and compliance in mind. This can save a huge amount of time on manual data entry and admin.


Concur Expenses integrations

The last key thing to know about Concur Expenses is how it can be integrated with other business tools and apps. You can connect it to over 200 business systems⁵, creating a single platform to manage your company’s cash flow.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Accounting tools such as QuickBooks, Sage and Xero.⁵
  • Air and hotel apps such as Deloitte - Travel Ready, Tripkicks for Concur Travel and for Business.⁶
  • Finance and HR solutions like AxosMoney, American Express B2B Payments and PaymentsHub by TransferMate.⁷

You can even contact the Concur travel and expense management team to discuss custom solutions for your organisation.

Manage business expenses with Wise

Do business across international borders? This can potentially make tracking expenses much more complicated.

But open a Wise Business multi-currency account and you’ll have an easy to manage solution for international cash flow.

You can pay bulk invoices in multiple countries in just a click, and order Wise expenses cards for every employee who needs one. This makes tracking expenses a breeze, even when your workforce is spread across continents.

All currency conversions are done at the mid-market exchange rate, so you don’t lose out.

Wise Business Account
  • No monthly fees, just one-off fee upon registration;
  • Quick to open and fully online;
  • Send money for more than 80 countries;
  • Receive international payments;
  • You can hold and convert money in more than 50 currencies;
  • Manage employee with Wise Business Expense Cards;
  • And some more features to help you grow your business internationally.

Get started with Wise Business

After reading this guide, you should have all the information you need to decide whether Concur expensing solutions are right for your business.

We’ve covered features, integrations and the ExpenseIt app, but you’ll need to get in touch with SAP Concur to find out about custom pricing for your business.

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