Free cards for friends

Share your invite link to give your friends free cards. And you'll get paid for every 3 who spend with their card.

How it works

You tell your friends

Invite your friends

They get a free card when they sign up with your invite link

They start saving with the Wise card

They start saving with the Wise card

They qualify for your invite reward when they spend 100 GBP (or its equivalent in another supported currency)

You get paid

You'll earn for every 3 who qualify

You'll earn cash for every 3 who qualify
(check your invite page for details)


Offer details

  • You can earn the invite reward multiple times — just invite more friends.

  • To count towards your reward, each friend who signs up using your invite link has to spend at least 100 GBP (or its equivalent in another supported currency) to be considered as a qualified referral. The transactions can be in any currency.

  • The following list of transactions will not count towards the qualifying spend amount
    • Cash or cash-like transactions including ATM withdrawals, cashback and purchases of gift vouchers
    • Gambling transactions (including bookmakers and casinos)
    • Payments to financial institutions
    • Payments connected to commodities, investments, savings or cryptoassets
    • Payments to governmental bodies or tax authorities
  • Friends using your link to sign up will receive a free Wise card.

  • Each invite can only qualify towards one referral program, should your referral program be changed.

  • If your friend spends less than the qualifying amount, the card is still free, but they won’t count towards your referral reward.

  • If at any point in the future they spend the qualifying amount, they will be included in your list of qualified invites, counting towards your reward. Check how much your friends need to spend to qualify on your invite page.

  • The standard reward amount is 75 GBP (or equivalent), but the reward may vary in different regions, or during special promotional periods or campaigns. Different terms and conditions will be shown in the referral invitation or accompanying promotional materials. You can see what program you are enrolled in from your invite page.

  • The reward amount will be paid out to a bank account that is held in your own name.

  • We reserve the right to remove access to the referral program or to refuse a reward if we suspect violation of terms or any activity we determine as abusive (for example, by inviting yourself, fictitious people, or already existing users) or damaging of the Wise brand (for example, in connection with sexually explicit, discriminatory or illegal content).

  • We reserve the right to modify the referral offer at any time. By continuing to invite friends after an update to the terms, you are indicating that you are accepting them. Make sure you get your friend’s consent before sharing your invite.

  • We sometimes conduct tests to try different invite programs, and you could be part of one. As such we reserve the right to amend, alter or change the referral offer at any time.

Read our more detailed terms and conditions.