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Wise 20 Under 20, Class of 2019

Meet the Europe’s 20 under 20 teen CEOs, chosen by judges including Innocent Drinks and Skype.


Aimee Clint, Northern Ireland

The winner of the Wise 20 Under 20 2019

Founder of Books By Stellas CIC that creates informative, charitable books raising awareness of autism.

Taavet Hinrikus, Chairman and co-founder of Wise said: Aimee is a thoroughly deserving winner. Aimee’s business stood out to me because of the drive and commitment she has to break the stigma against and raise awareness of autism via her charitable books. It’s a unique, worthy idea and I’m excited to see how the investment helps Aimee further her mission.


Marco Palacios, Spain

In the top 5

Founder of the Sideways Project, building 360 degrees wheels for better navigation.

Adam Balon, co-founder Innocent Drinks said: This is an articulate explanation of innovative technology with clear use cases and exciting potential outlined.


Fabienne Overbeek, The Netherlands

In the top 5

Founder of Grow a Wish that produces recyclable ethical greetings cards made of paper that can be regrown when planted.

Phoebe Hugh, founder & CEO of Brolly said: A creative idea for gifts and can see this catching on. I like how Fabienne would like mentoring in storytelling, which i think if mastered, would work well with her brand.


Timo Timmi, Estonia

In the top 5

Co-founder of 99math, an app-based maths games and competitions platform that helps teachers motivate children to learn the subject.

Tijen Onaran, CEO, Global Digital Women / Founder, FemaleOneZero said: Timo has understood that the beginning of digitalization and MINT professions start in school and the teachers have a great impact on this. Nobody should underestimate gamification at school. I think we should support Timo because he supports the younger students to understand how great math can be so that they can make their own decision if they want to start a career where that is involved or not.


Jordi van der Meijden, The Netherlands

In the top 5

Founder of KlusmetPlus, a website connecting elderly and kids who wish to earn pocket money doing small tasks.

Suzanne Ashman, Partner at LocalGlobe said: Enabling young people to earn small wages by helping elders perform tasks they could not easily do alone. Whereas many of the businesses seem to encourage building online communities, this is encouraging the strengthening of offline communities by connecting younger generations to older, more isolated members of their community.


Rainer Kravets, Estonia

Founder of Rosella Kunst, a website where you can order you own custom made artwork.


Jordan Casey, Ireland

Founder of TEM, an online learning and networking platform for young entrepreneurs.


Romain Perruchon, France

Founder of Artizzen, an online artisan marketplace.


Matthias De Deyn, Belgium

Founder of ArtiGo, an app where car and motorbike enthusiasts can create, share and drive their road trips.


Milan Saes, The Netherlands

Founder of BySaes, a digital marketing platform for small companies.


Flyn Brigden, The UK

Founder of FrienX, an online platform to revolutionize how your data is stored, as well as Tony, an AI personal assistant.


Rubin Lind, Germany

Founder of Skills4schools, a learning app while in full time education.


Jascha Mähler, Germany

Founder of Terex, a company that produces eco-friendly gloves, and Rocket Education, an ed-tech company.


Maarten Hartog, The Netherlands

Founder of Drone Central, an e-commerce store for racing drone equipment.


Calum McArthur, The UK

Co-founder of Estrela, a company that produces colour-changing remote control LED lamps.


Kertu Birgit Anton, Estonia

Co-founder of SISU bag, a company producing recyclable canvas bags to replace plastic bags.


Guillaume Benech, France

Founder of Bonjour Lamy, a general well-being and mental health app for young people.


Oliver Edholm, Sweden

Founder of, a tool that helps to solve computer-related problems for those who are visually impaired.


Marleen Van Engelen, The Netherlands

Co-founder of The Big Graphic House, an online platform where people in the realm of graphic design can connect.


Rudy Ille, Germany

Founder of TheFink, a networking website for young people developing creative and digital projects.