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Meet Wise's 20 Under 20

20 of the UK and Ireland's best young entrepreneurial talent


Akshay Ruparelia, 19, London

the founder of online estate agent, currently the 14th largest in the UK.


Ben Towers, 19, Kent

who started his first business aged 11 is the owner of Ben Towers Ltd, a multi-million pound media company. He was recently voted one of the smartest teenagers on the planet by The Times.


Rose Dyson, 18, South Yorkshire

founded Pura Cosmetics producing ethical lip balms, with only £25 and last year turned over £50,000.

rose dyson

Owen Foster, 16, Dundee

owns Owen’s Angus Jams, a local Scottish jam production company that has recently won a supplier contract for Glamis Castle.


Devon Smith, 18, London

founded Nexocharge, a network of portable charges for hire around London. He is working towards becoming the “Santander cycles of power banks”.


Cameron Bradbury, 19, Wales

founded Muscle Media Marketing to help health and fitness businesses grow their customer base via social media.


Harry Daymond, 19, Sussex

created Kart Kompany, offering vintage cart services for all events. He founded the brand when he was just 15 and hand built the first cart with his Grandpa in his garage.


Kieran O’Toole, 18, Hampshire

founded Rock Clothing Social, which reinvests its profits into funding anti-bullying workshops throughout the UK.


Callum Griffiths, 19, Wales

is the director of Clydach Farm Group, which manufactures healthy dry pet food for dogs. He first created his signature poultry feed on the farm when he was just 13 years old.


Kate & Annie Madden, 18 and 16, Ireland

are the owners of FenuHealth, providing dietary supplements for horses, with customers in 15 countries including five royal families.


Arminder Dhillon, 17, London

founded Boot Buddy to clean his muddy football boots, and is projecting 800k turnover for 2018.


Ollie Forsyth, 19, London

is the founder of The Budding Entrepreneur Club, an application or invitation-only entrepreneur’s community for the most ambitious, entrepreneurial individuals in the UK.


Joe Hall and Joe Burns, 17, Essex

Joe Hall (left) and Joe Burns (right) are the founders of the highly profitable Pixel Adverts, which supplies social media services to businesses worldwide.


George Dendle, 17, London

is the founder of Gym Amigo, a mobile app start-up that aims to bring friendship and fitness together.


Alex Broadley, 20*, Sussex

is the creator of the newly founded Small Wallets – an online platform selling small practical wallets to the masses.


George Booth, 19, North Yorkshire

founded EXQUISITE Luxury at the age of 11, which manufactures a range of cosmetics, makeup and beauty products including its own goat’s milk soap.


Jonah Cockshaw, 19, Surrey

is the founder of FitMedia Group, which aims to provide high-quality media services to fitness businesses.


Saleh Al-Minji, 19, London

founded the trading platform Icon Traders with the sole purpose of providing its customers with the right information to sustainably retrieve profits from different markets.


Alex Choi, 17, Leicestershire

is the founder of Arlix Technology and creator of its product, Learn+, which allows companies to onboard new staff faster by training them online through video courses.


Felix Milbank, 19, Wales

created The Young European News – a newspaper offering quality journalism from the nation’s youth. The business is profitable and his dream is to have offices all around Europe.