What is Popmoney? All you need to know about Popmoney

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Popmoney is a payment service that allows users to send and receive money between banks using the ACH network.

The website makes it easy to carry out secure transfers quickly and offers straightforward pricing with flat fees.

This post will cover Popmoney fees, safety, and more about the service.

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What is Popmoney, and how does it work? 🧐

In short, Popmoney’s job is to facilitate payments between individuals and make repaying debt or splitting bills hassle-free.

What is Popmoney?

Popmoney is a personal payment service that you can use with your mobile device. You can sign up for both personal and business accounts.

Popmoney lets you send, request, and receive money in no time at all. It uses the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network to deliver the funds, which is a system for electronic transfers.

With secure transactions, you can send funds to other bank accounts using an email address or mobile number.

You can also request money from others, which is ideal for those moments when you’re owed a sum of money.

How does Popmoney work?

To make use of Popmoney’s features, simply head to the website and sign up to start sending and receiving money.¹

Alternatively, you can register for Popmoney through your bank’s website if they offer Popmoney as a payment service.

Sending money

Sending money is as simple as selecting the email address or mobile number of the recipient, and entering the sum of money you wish to send.

A Popmoney account isn’t necessary to receive payments made through the service.

Requesting money

To request money, simply enter the details of the parties concerned and enter the amount you wish to ask for. The sender doesn't need to be registered with Popmoney to fulfill a payment request.

How long does Popmoney take to process a payment?

Popmoney will typically process payments in a single business day once you’ve given the necessary Eligible Transaction Account information.²

What does it cost to use Popmoney? 💰

Before you get started, you’ll want to know how much it costs to send and receive money through Popmoney.

Here are the Popmoney fees and limits³ you can expect:

Popmoney fees

To make any transaction through the Popmoney website, customers will have to pay a flat fee of $0.95, but receiving money is free of charge.

Compared to the competition, the Popmoney fees are relatively low, though perhaps on par with payment services like Venmo which charges a 3% waivable fee.

Popmoney limits

There are limits on how much you can send or request each day and month, and they are as follows:

Sending Money

Pay withDaily LimitMonthly limit (30 days)
Debit Card$500$1,000
Bank account$2,000$5,000

Requesting money

Daily LimitMonthly limit (30 days)
Make a request$1,000$2,500
Fulfill a request$2,500$4,000

Is Popmoney safe? 🔒

The industry-leading technology that Popmoney relies on should put any concerns about safety to rest.

There are several measures put in place to ensure your information and account are kept secure, including verification codes for the recipients of payments.⁴

While Popmoney is generally safe to use, you should be wary when sharing your personal account information.

If your bank doesn’t support Popmoney, you could be prompted to provide this information, and if this is the case you’ll need to make sure you do so through the official website or app.

Popmoney alternatives ⚖️

If you like the sound of Popmoney, but you’re curious to know what other services are out there, here are some similar payment services available in the US:


Zelle is an app for US nationals that lets customers send and receive money with a mobile device. Registering is simple, as all you need to do is download the app or find Zelle in your banking app if it’s supported.

At this point, you might find yourself wondering ‘is Zelle the same as Popmoney?’

It’s a good question, and the answer to the Popmoney vs Zelle debate is that the two services are indeed similar, but there are some differences in Zelle fees.

Zelle features
CostsNo fees (Bank fees may apply)
SpeedFrom a few minutes to three business days
SecurityAuthentication and monitoring features


Venmo is a popular payment service with more than 60 million users. It’s an app that makes sending and receiving money a breeze. Venmo can be especially useful for splitting bills and other payments.

The app allows transfers only between US customers and is owned by the internationally recognized payment processing platform PayPal.

One of the best features of Venmo is the instant transfers, provided both the sender and recipient have the app installed. Otherwise, transfers can take several business days like most other platforms.

Venmo features
Costs3% fee to send money using a credit card (waived when funded with a Venmo balance, bank account, or debit card).
SpeedFrom instantly to three business days
SecurityData encryption technology, PIN codes
🤓 If you’d like to compare Zelle vs Venmo, you can read more in this article.

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Popmoney is an excellent platform to send and receive money, though if you want to send money abroad you’ll have to look elsewhere.

⚠️ You cannot make payments to any territory outside of the US with Popmoney.⁶

The same applies to its competitors Zelle and Venmo, which could leave you scratching your head if you need to make international payments.

There is an online solution though for sending your money worldwide: Wise lets you send money abroad with the real exchange rate and no hidden fees.

You can also receive money in multiple currencies.

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