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There's a lot of work to do.*

Moved across borders last year
£2 tln
Paid in hidden fees
£187 bn
Transfers that are transparent
People understand bank fees

Help us make a change in 3 easy steps.

Get informed.

Step one

In Europe, a 2020 landmark regulation called the Cross-Border Payments Regulation (CBPR2), should have forced banks to become transparent. But most banks are not playing ball and continue to hide fees in inflated exchange rates. They deliberately give you an exchange rate that’s much worse than the rate you see on Google or the European Central Bank. Does your bank do this too? Tell us.

Spread the word.

Step two

Odds are, someone you know is paying a hidden fee every single time they send money abroad - all because the bank they use isn't being upfront. But knowledge is power, so share this page and spread the message.

Sign our petition.

Step three

Want a fairer financial world? Us too. Sign our 'Nothing to Hide' petition to ask businesses, government and civil society to demand an end to the lack of transparency that keeps remittance prices artificially high.

Did your IBAN get rejected?

Report IBAN discrimination

IBAN discrimination is when a bank or company doesn’t accept your IBAN because it’s not from the same country in which the bank or company is based. For example, your Spanish gym doesn’t accept your Belgian IBAN on your Wise account. Your provider is breaking the law if they don’t accept your IBAN in Europe. Report your case anonymously so we can stop it from happening again.

Did your IBAN get rejected?

Invite your friends to try Wise.

Spread the word about transparent fees.

When your friends use Wise, they can be sure there are no hidden fees. In addition, when 3 of your friends make their first transfer of more than £200, you'll receive £50 on us.

An input form and bank card

*£2 tln and transfers across borders and 4% of people understand bank fees, based on EDC study. £187bn lost and 8% of world payments are transparent, based on Wise analysis, 20th Jan 2023