Compare Travel money.

Compare the best travel money exchange rates for travel money and go cashless for your next holiday.

With the Wise travel money card, you can spend like a local while avoiding hidden fees. Compare travel money to the other options available, find the best currency exchange rates and see how you can save.

Exchange rates and fees per provider
ProviderExchange rateDelivery feeShould arrive inYou will receivewhen you spend 500 GBP
Wise cardWise logo
1.13372Mid-market rate [?]5.00 GBPOne-off fee
in 2-6 days
Save 5.73 GBP with the Wise debit card
Asda logo
1.113733.95 GBP
in 1-3 days
Tesco logo
1.104543.95 GBP
in 1-3 days
Post Office logo
1.087114.99 GBP
in 1-3 days
The above information applies when you pay in via bank transfer. 

Travel with the Wise debit card, and save.

This calculation is based on spending 500 GBP to compare travel money for a holiday.

Conversion fee
2.04 GBP
Exchange rate markup
0.00 GBP
Delivery fee
5.00 GBP
ATM use*
up to 6.00 GBP
Conversion fee
0.00 GBP
Exchange rate markup**
10.00 GBP
Delivery fee
3.95 GBP
ATM use
0.00 GBP

How does the Wise card work?

It's free to pay with any currency you hold in your account, and if you want to convert your money to a different currency, you'll get low conversion fees and zero transaction fees. You can use the card to make ATM withdrawals in your chosen currency, which are free up to £200 a month. Avoid expensive (and often hidden) fees when withdrawing money while abroad, by choosing to withdraw in the local currency and leaving Wise to deal with the conversion.

Wise debit card is a good companion when you travel

What is travel money?

You’ll need travel money - also called holiday money or holiday currency - if you’re planning a trip abroad. Ensure you compare travel money to find the best currency exchange rates.

Your travel money could be sterling cash you’re planning on taking to a money exchange in your destination, or foreign currency you buy at a currency exchange before leaving the UK. To avoid carrying cash you can also choose a prepaid travel money card, or use a debit card to spend and make ATM withdrawals while you’re away.

The currency rates you’ll get at an airport or hotel - or tourist rates in your final destination - are often not great value. You’ll usually find you pay a high price for the convenience of converting your cash on arrival. Compare travel money and plan how to manage your money before you travel to get the best currency exchange rates.

Wise debit card is very convenient when you travel with your family

What is the cheapest way to get foreign currency?

Different currency services use different fee structures, which can make it hard to see which is the best foreign exchange for your needs. Some use upfront commission, but it’s also common for providers to hide their fees in the exchange rate they use. This way they can offer an attractive headline like ‘zero commission’ or ‘fee free exchange’ while still making money from currency conversion. To find the best currency exchange rates for your travel money, you’ll need to compare a few providers - looking at both the fees and the exchange rates used.

You might find it easier and cheaper to use a travel debit like the Wise travel money card when you’re away from home. You can top up in pounds and convert to the currency you need using the mid-market exchange rate with no hidden fees. There’s just a low transparent fee for currency conversion, and then you can spend any currency you hold using your card for free, and get free ATM withdrawals up to £200 each month.

Wise debit card is the cheapest way to pay when you travel

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