Get paid to live in Greece. Welcome to the world of Zoom Towns

Anna Allgaier

Sometimes, you just need to feel appreciated. Wanted, valued, loved. In comes Zoom Towns. The destinations that say “hey, we want you to live and work here so much, we’ll pay you to move.” Wow Zoom Towns, finally somebody sees me.

If you’ve ever been commuting to work on a busy London Tube, having rolled out of bed from your one room apartment that soaks up all of your salary without saying thank you, then take a moment to consider relocating to a destination that pays you to live somewhere beautiful.

So, what’s the deal? Afterall, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. It’s pretty simple. Governments have pulled these financial treats out of the bag to either encourage new business, help older properties to be shown some love, or just to increase a decreasing population size.

After a couple of years of the disease that shall not be named, we’ve all been embracing remote work and the importance of having a balanced life. So if there were ever a time to call the movers and update your location status, it just might me now.

So without further ado, we’ve put together a list with some Zoom Town nuggets that might spark your interest. Let’s do this gang.

✈️Send your money on holiday✈️

Get paid to live in Oklahoma, Alaska, Vermont and Tennessee

Let’s take a trip to America. Multiple locations in The States have packages to incentivise newcomers. Here are a few that caught our attention.


Remember the 2009 hit film ‘The Proposal?’ Well, it was filmed in lovely Alaska, and you too could move there, just without the company of Ryan Renolds. Sorry.

If you’re ready to live out an Alaskan fantasy the state is currently offering a cash grant for the year if you relocate in 2022.


If you like snow, maple syrup and Ben & Jerrys, this might just be the place for you. Well, Vermont has one of the smallest populations in America so they’ve created the Remote Worker Grant scheme which will pay you roughly $10,000 to live there, if you stay for over two years.


If you’re a programmer or developer, this one’s for you. Tennessee is looking for you, yes you. What’s known as the “Gig City”, Chattanooga is looking for fresh talent in what's referred to as the “Geek Move.” To attract technology talent, you’ll be paid $1,250 to relocate to Chattanooga, and $10,000 towards a mortgage on a house. Somewhat regretting my degree in literature right now.


Another city looking for talent is Tulsa, Oklahoma. You heard that right, it’s the city where Chandler Bing relocated to, so if it's good enough for him, it’s good enough for us. If you move to Tulsa as a remote worker you’ll get a grant of up to $10,000 as well as a hot desk, access to networking events and support.

How does Canada sound, eh?

You can get paid to live out your lumberjack dreams in Canada, the only catch is you probably can’t pronounce the name of the province… Saskatchewan. Say it ten times, I dare you.

If you’ve graduated from a University on their approved list, you can get up to $20,000 towards your tuition if you file taxes in the province.

Ciao bella, come set up shop in Italy

Honestly, I’d move to Italy even if it drained my bank account. But for some reason, the country is home to multiple villages that will pay you to move there. They even have some properties in locations like Siciliy that you can move into for as little as €1. You can’t even get a Mars bar in London for that price. The audacity.

Anyway, since there are so many Italian spots looking for residents, I’ve drawn in on the region of Calabria. It’s got beaches, it’s got pasta, it’s got it all.

And you’ll be entitled to 800 to 1000 to move to one of its several villages. The only catch is you need to be under 40 to apply and stay for two to three years.

Sangria, Sun…Spain

I don’t think this one needs much selling. It’s in Spain, you’ll get paid to live there. End of story.

But if you need more details, the northwestern village of Ponga in Asturias is looking to increase its population by offering a relocation sum of €3,000 plus another €3,000 for every child you have.

Make the land of Lindt your home

Let me start by saying that literally everything in Switzerland is clean. You could lick the floor at the airport, and it would probably be like brushing your teeth. On top of that, they are the land of chocolate so… pack your bags I guess.

Albinen, Switzerland is a gorgeous swiss village that’s looking to increase its population size. So if you’re 45 or younger and willing to set up camp for 10 years, they’ll pay you anywhere form €9 ,000 to €23,000 to live there.

Live out your Mama Mia dreams in Greece

Last but not least, you can get paid to live in Greece. Did you like my rhyme?

The Greek island, Antikythera, only has 50 residents. So if you do move there, we suggest making nice with them all because that could get awkward.

The Greek Orthodox Church will give you land, a house and €500 a month for three years. How do you say “Yes, Please” in Greek?

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