Wise - the best way not to get scammed when you send money abroad


We told you once with our DA¥£IGHT ROBB€R¥ ad, we told you twice with our controversial F¥€K ad, and now it’s ding, ding, round three!

You’re being $CAMM€D (well, unless you’re a Wise customer, lucky you eh?)

Lamentably, lots of unsuspecting bank customers are still blissfully unaware that they're getting stung by scandalous hidden charges when they send money abroad.

That’s why we’re spreading the word across bus stops, tube stations and billboards all over London...again!

And it's turning heads...

So if you're a fan of our ad like this young lady (seemingly oblivious to a clear and imminent bus-squashing), or just want to let us know what you think of our mission to rid the world of secret overcharging, then let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

Oh, and don't forget the old adage: “Scam me once, shame on you; scam me twice, shame on me; scam me three times...well, then I probably haven’t been paying attention to Wise.”

Sorry banks, your secret's out.

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