Welcoming Libby to the board

Kristo Käärmann

In March this year we completed our visual rebrand, unveiling a new look inspired by the millions of people and businesses worldwide that use Wise today. It draws from where they come from, but also represents the ambition of where they are going.

Our mission however is unchanged - to build money without borders by making it faster, easier, cheaper and more transparent for people and businesses around the world to move and manage their money.

We’ve made a lot of progress over the past 12 years, adding more ways for our customers to spend, receive and hold money as they travel, do business, relocate or expand around the world.

The Wise Account is the world’s first international account for people, and allows customers to send, spend and hold money in over 50 currencies, with real account details and a debit card. Wise Business offers small businesses the same benefits, with additional tools to make it faster and easier for them to go global. And with Wise Platform, large businesses and banks can tap into our underlying infrastructure to offer their own customers the same Wise experience.

Most recently, we expanded the Wise Assets product across Singapore, France, Spain, Austria, the Netherlands, Finland and Luxembourg, in addition to the UK. These launches allow more Wise customers to hold their money in interest earning assets without compromising their ability to instantly access their money when they need. We also made our payments faster. We now deliver 55% of all payments to their recipient in less than 20 seconds.

We help our customers save on fees too - £1.5 billion compared to banks in 2022 alone.

But there’s a long way to go. People and businesses still lose over £180 billion in hidden fees to their banks.

We don’t accept this and we’re committed to continue building the solutions people and businesses need to tackle the challenges of moving and managing money across borders.

Unsurprisingly, we’re also always looking for fresh perspectives to help us accelerate our progress. So today, I’m pleased to introduce our newest Independent Non-Executive Director to the Board, Elizabeth G. Chambers, or Libby.

  • Libby holds non-executive board positions at TSB Bank, Vanquis Banking Group and Evelyn Partners, and is an operating partner at Searchlight Capital, supporting their investments in fintech.

  • A former McKinsey partner, and later chief marketing and strategy officer for Barclays, Barclaycard, Western Union and Freshfields, Libby brings a deep understanding of the financial industry from nearly three decades of experience to the Wise Board.

In her own words:
Wise is a truly unique part of the financial ecosystem, with its bold and ambitious aim to change the way people, businesses and even banks move and manage money. I have long been impressed with the strategic clarity, enthusiasm and energy that the company brings to achieving this goal, and its track record of innovation and consistent delivery. Having worked with global banks, payments providers, wealth managers, and consumer lenders, I’m excited to bring this experience to the Board at Wise, and to supporting the leadership team in achieving these aspirations.

Please join me in welcoming Libby to the Board!

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