Wise sponsors female product managers for Product School training


It’s no secret that the product management function across companies lacks diversity - specifically, female representation. In London, only 37% of the PMs in tech are female-identifying. In the UK, only 17% of the students hoping to become software engineers are women. These ratios are fairly similar in other areas around the globe, and are increasing at a slow rate.

As Wise grows, we want to be sure our employee base reflects the diverse customers we serve. To improve diversity in product management - not just at Wise, but across all areas of technology and business. To do this, we knew we had to accomplish two sequential goals:

  1. Get more women into product roles in the first place
  2. Help women advance and grow their careers in this industry

With this, Wise is sponsoring an all female cohort for a renowned product management program through Product School. This 8-week program will include 20 students who will be selected by product managers already in the field. Throughout the course, participants will work on real-life product management challenges that fintech companies, like Wise, face everyday.

Throughout the 8-week course, external product managers within the fintech industry will guest speak at events, and share relevant practical experience to the topics covered in the program. Each participant will be paired with a current Wise product manager, who will guide and mentor them throughout the course. Finally, the program caps off with a series of mock interviews with Wise. This will not only help prepare future product managers for their first product role, but also help them secure the job too - receiving friendly feedback in real-time.

We’re committed to increasing female representation within product both within Wise and the broader fintech industry. In order to make real change to the number of women in technology, it’s not enough to simply discuss the issue, we want to create real genuine opportunities for change.

The Wise / Product School program is open to all female-identifying students and Wise employees. The application is available here and the deadline is April 5.

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