Are wise potato chips gluten free? And all your other "wise" questions

Anna Allgaier

Bruce Lee was a multifaceted man. Not only could he direct, screenwrite, act and kick some serious tukus, he could also push out a really banging quote. Exhibit A:

“A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.”


Well, we think Brucey was right. So in a bid to learn more about our name, we’ve taken a trip to our good friend Google, where all questions are answered. The foolish, the funny, the flabbergasting.

You didn’t ask for it, but here are all your wise Google autocomplete questions answered.

(P.s we hold zero responsibility for the ways in which these questions are phrased, that’s down to the internet.)

Question 1: Can I send money with Wise at seriously cheap rates?

Heck yeah, you can

What wise means?

Honestly, if you don’t know then you likely don’t have it (sorry). But, not to fear, wisdom can be developed, much like a rash or feelings.

How to have wisdom?

We thought this may be your followup question. You could read a lot, we guess, watch some TED talks? Subscribe to a few podcasts?

When ignorance is bliss is it folly to be wise?


Who is Tommy Wiseau?

Tommy Wiseau, pronounced wizoooooo, is an American actor and filmmaker with really cool hair. He looks like Slash, if Slash went to the gym a lot, and loved protein. You may know him from films such as “The Room” which has been called “one of the worst films ever made.” Friday movie night sorted and your question answered.

Are wise potato chips gluten free? Are wise chips good?

They do offer gluten free snacks. And, their original flavour is both gluten free and has no preservatives. Health is wealth.

Are they good? When has anything fried not been good?

What should I do career wise?

Listen sweetie, just follow your dreams.

Is wiser a word?

Yes, it is. Fun fact (I mean not super fun, but here you go) it’s also what we call our employees here at Wise. A little bit of backstage trivia for you.

Who is Greg Wise?

Greg Wise is an English actor and producer who you may recognise from the classic “Sense and Sensibility”. But none of that matters, because he’s married to the incredible Emma Thompson. Why are you even bothering googling Greg Wise? Go Google Emma Thompson.

How wise was Solomon?

Like, really, really wise.

Which wise man gave frankincense?

Balthasar. King of Ethiopia, land of the spices.

Is wise legit?

Of course. Just look at the serious content we produce. Are you even legit???

Where wise men fish?

Wise men don’t fish. Wise men go to the supermarket, and buy fish.

Is Wisely a bank?

Don’t know. Don’t care. Use us instead.

How wise works?

You sign up, you get to send money around the world and be like “omg wow that is so much cheaper than with a bank or a Bureau de Change.” We go, “yes, yes it is.” You’re happy, we’re happy. All is well in the world.

Will wiseman?

We don’t know, will he??

When i'm old and wise

You’ll be able to finish sentences.

Is wiseman playing tonight?

No clue honey.

Who is James Wiseman

James Monteinez Wiseman is a basketball player for the Golden State Warriors. He plays some position that involves bouncing a ball around, but all you need to know is that he’s 7 ft tall. 7 FT TALL.

Where is James Wiseman?

Probably struggling to walk through a door somewhere. Get it? Because he’s tall.

Will wise ask powerful questions?

We do, literally daily, is this article not proof of that?

Why are owls considered wise?

Because they only come out at night, therefore, managing to avoid all people.

Do you want to avoid all people too? Well then, skip the queue at Bureau de Change and send money across the world with us, for cheaper. Win-win.

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