Wise Platform partners with Max to bring fast, convenient transfers to customers in Israel

Ashley Black

We’re excited to bring Wise Platform to Israel through our first partnership with payments company Max. Starting today over 1,000,000 of Max’s customers will have access to cheaper, faster transfers abroad at their fingertips from the convenience of the Max app.

The first of its kind in Israel, our partnership allows Max customers to send money abroad in 32 currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP & CAD from within the security and convenience of their app. Challenging the traditional banking system, Max offers full transparency on fees and the mid market rate making it easier and simpler for customers sending money abroad.

“Max continues to lead payment innovation in Israel and will be the first to allow its customers to transfer funds directly from their credit card into bank accounts overseas. This is through a quick, simple, secure transaction with full transparency to customers. I’m sure this service will assist many Israeli families to transfer funds to their dear ones and for various needs overseas.” Ron Fainaro, Max CEO.

Fast & simple access to a global ecosystem through Wise Platform

Partnering with Wise allowed Max to access our dedicated delivery specialists, leverage our easy to use API’s along with our global ecosystem to build the best possible experience for their customers to make international payments.

Meir Aharoni, EVP Technologies, Business Development & innovation: "It's been brilliant to work with the Wise Platform team and to create this partnership together. The speed, efficiency and the support from the delivery team has been a particular plus, allowing us to offer this service to our customers only several months on from first speaking to Wise. We're excited to see how this partnership develops and for our customers to try the new service, which will give them control and save them time & money on their international transfers."

Steve Naudé, Head of Product, Wise Platform, said: “We’re proud to be working with Max - and excited by what this partnership means for Max’s customers. For too long, transferring money has been a slow, expensive and confusing experience. Customers deserve better. By working with Max, we’re giving customers across Israel access to fast, cheap and transparent payments.”

Wise Platform allows businesses - including banks, financial institutions, accounting companies and large businesses - to tap into the Wise infrastructure, via the Wise Platform API, to offer their customers instant, convenient, low cost and transparent payments end-to-end from within their own products and services.

Wise Platform is now live with more than 20 banks and financial institutions across 4 continents, as well as 12 distribution partners and 11 enterprise partners. Other partners include Google Pay, Monzo and Shinhan Bank, South Korea’s oldest and second largest bank.

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