An update on Ukraine


We’re deeply saddened by the war in Ukraine and our thoughts are with everyone affected.

Ukraine has played an important role in our history since the very start of Wise, back in 2011. Many of our Wisers call Ukraine their home and one of our oldest offices is in Cherkasy. Wise wouldn’t be where it is today without the contributions of our fantastic team members on the ground.

An update on our service

Recent developments in the region mean it’s more difficult to operate our service. But as long as we are able to do so, we will continue to offer our service to people needing to send money to UAH.

To enable us to continue offering that service, we had initially capped transfers to UAH at 200 and then 2,500 GBP/EUR/USD. We have now removed that cap and our limits are back to where they were (up to 10,000 GBP/12,000 EUR/14,000 USD) to UAH. We’ll continue to monitor the situation very closely.

We temporarily waived fees on transfers to UAH

We know that financial support is important in a time of crisis and we want to help. That’s why we waived fees on over 500,000 GBP in volume for personal transfers to UAH to help customers who may have emergency needs. Going forward, we remain focused on continuing to offer sending money to UAH as long as we're able to.

Send money now.

Wise waived fees on over £500,000 in personal transfers to individual customers from 5pm GMT on 25 February 2022. Once £500,000 in transfers was processed, Wise continued to apply the fee waiver at its discretion. The fee waiver ended on 26 February at 1pm GMT.
All transfer minimum and maximum limits apply. Currently UAH transfers must be at least 0.20 GBP and cannot exceed 10,000 GBP (or equivalent).

Money for here, there and everywhere

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