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###In the latest #WiseStories, we meet Londoners Pete and Jon who have been working hard to build Hackney Brewery.

The brewery was Hackney’s first, founded in 2011.

The pair met 10 years before while working at the legendary Eagle pub on Farringdon Road. At the time there weren't that many London based breweries. The craft beer craze has exploded since, and interest in drinking local and well produced beer is gaining momentum.

In 2014 Hackney Brewery embraced the idea of kegged and bottled beers that have become the backbone of the craft beer scene. All the ingredients used can be traced back to the source, using UK malt and hops, as well as ingredients from the United States, New Zealand and Europe. Pete and Jon pride ourselves on the quality of their beer, using the best ingredients and working alongside the best people.

Hackney Brewery and Wise Business

Pete from Hackney Brewery:

“A few years ago sales of kegged ales really started to boom in London, particularly amongst younger pub goers. To deal with the increasing demand we decided to invest in new kegs which could help us brew more beer. The kegs we required weren't made in the UK, so we had to look further afield.

We found a company in Germany which created the specialised kegs we needed. They’re rubberised on the outside so they're quiet and they don’t dent easily, making them extremely durable - perfect for the beer we brew. Craft ale sales have continued to rise and our new kegs have helped us get our beer out to the thirsty public!

We always used Wise to transfer money abroad. Since our first transfer, it did everything it said on the package. The service is great and saved us money. It's enabled us and our small business to move into a different area at the lowest cost possible”

To find out more about Hackney Brewery, visit their website or like them on Facebook.

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