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Adrenaline Hunter is the leading marketplace in adventure activities with a wide range of bookings available. Mesmerizing experiences with the highest of adrenaline spikes and a strong customer focus have attracted thousands of adrenaline hunters to connect with the professionals of outdoor sport through the platform. We spoke with co-founder Phillipe to hear about the mission of Adrenaline Hunter and how the company came to be.

Back in 2015 Philippe, the adrenaline seeker, wanted to descend on a river in South West France on a kayak. He soon realized, that it was extremely difficult to find guided tours online. After exchanging dozens of emails and calls over the course of a few days, he finally found a kayak rental that was able to help him, through an old-fashioned website. When Philippe raised concerns over the out-of-date website with the rental owner, he told Philippe, that he does not even have access to update the information on it, since the website was not created by him.

Maud, one of the other founders, experienced her own frustrations. She tried to book a kitesurfing package activity in Cape Town, South Africa. With days spent on search of the activity online, it came to a point where she lost the momentum and was about to give up on the idea. This made Maud and Philippe question: “Why isn’t there a better way of booking an outdoor activity online?” That was when Adrenaline Hunter was born in May 2016, headquartered in Paris with over 30 people on the team currently.


Onwards to expansion

As Adrenaline Hunter continued their expansion into more markets within Europe, Africa, Oceania and Asia, they also had to deliver money to an increasing number of professionals they were working with. In the summer of 2017 they came to a point, where making hundreds payouts through their bank in France was not fun. It took two to three days to set up all of their payouts and the fee was massive: almost 2,000 euros worth of SWIFT international transfer fees! Even though Philippe made sure that all the SWIFT fees would be covered by Adrenaline Hunter, some banks continued charging more money in hidden fees. Clearly, this was the time to make changes and reduce the costs of sending money abroad. That was when Philippe found out about Wise. The coverage of more than 50 countries and the low and transparent pricing, combined with the possibility to process hundreds of payments at once, were the deciding factors, when opting for the new money transfer service. In August 2017, Adrenaline Hunter started using Wise’s Batch Payments solution, which has helped them to reduce an enormous amount of operational work. They no longer have to be under a time pressure to set up hundreds of their payments. To this day, hundreds of outdoor sport professionals are happy to receive the exact amount that they were told they would, in a quick fashion and their local currency.

Finding the best for you

Philippe describes his passion-driven project as the “ of adventure activities with a strong focus on travel”. Adrenaline Hunter connects travellers with professionals who organise outdoor activities. The experts make sure that their travellers’ first experiences, whether it’s dog sledding in Norway, paragliding above a breathtaking landscape or cage diving with sharks in South Africa, are extraordinary. Philippe secures that by finding the best people in the business from all over the world. It all starts with a phone discussion, where Adrenaline Hunter finds out how the professionals organise their outdoor activities, what licenses/diplomas and insurance they have and how special their services are in comparison to their next-door competitor. It usually takes only about ten minutes to understand whether their potential client is the best fit for the travellers.

“Moments should not be ruined by bad service or poor communication”, says Philippe. “We want the travellers to make the best out of their travel by choosing us and having positive memories”. Their website allows their partners to keep the list of their activities and prices up-to-date and more importantly, easy to reach out to.

Make your next trip unique


Whether you are travelling through Europe, Asia, the Pacific, Americas or Africa, there will always be an opportunity to see and experience something new. Adrenaline Hunter may be the best add-on of interesting outdoor activities for your “to-do list” and helping you to get out of your comfort zone on a parachute, literally. Wise just might be your other best companion in assisting you on your venture. There are no monthly or sign-up fees to open an account and you can always be sure you’ll get a fair exchange rate, that does not have any markups or other hidden fees. The rate that most banks provide is not always what it seems. To understand what a fair rate looks like, compare the bank’s to the mid-market rate. With Wise you can store, send, receive, and organize your money in dozens of currencies internationally, without crazy fees or even-crazier exchange rates. Just a small, fair charge when your money moves between currencies. Give it a try. Check out Wise today.

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