1,900 payments in one click: how Direct2Florist is delighting everyone


How a chance encounter between the Managing Director of Direct2Florist and a Wiser on the train led to a great use of our API for automating payouts.

Uses API to automate nearly 2,000 payments
Significantly lowered FX costs
Paid partner florists faster
Uses multi-currency account as alternative for local bank accounts

Direct2Florist is a family-run e-commerce company that built a software platform to let people send flowers all over the world. The team is dedicated to making sure both its customers and local florist partners have the best experience with their site.

So when its Managing Director Simon Stirling met a Wise API expert on the way home for Christmas, the conversation quickly turned to how we too could help. And since that evening on the train, a great partnership has bloomed.

Helping florists get a lily more money

For independent florists everywhere, “cash flow is king,” says Simon.

But in the past, many have had to rely on “the big guys” for local orders. And those large companies have “archaic” ways of working — meaning delayed payouts. On top of outdated communication structures, lack of fee transparency, and expensive currency conversion.

Coming from a family of florists, Simon’s father decided to improve how floral distributors work with local florists.

With Direct2Florist, everything is done on web and app. A customer submits an order and it’s immediately received by a florist. Once the order is delivered, Direct2Florist sends the florist exactly what they’re owed. With an email detailing it all. Simple, quick, efficient, transparent.

It's been a very good experience for our business, and our customers. Our florist members are benefiting from the whole Wise payout system.
— Simon Stirling, Managing Director of Direct2Florist

How the Wise API rose to the occasion

The Wise API fits perfectly with the Direct2Florist API to get florists paid on time. In volumes as large as 2,000 orders — with one click. Plus by integrating Wise, Direct2Florist can collect info from their customers and pay out without having to manually enter anything.

The API connection with Wise changes everything — another company might employ two people to pay all these florists.

They also use the Wise multi-currency account in countries like Australia and New Zealand as an alternative to a local bank account. That way they can operate in local currencies without having to overpay for inflated exchange rates.

The future looks dandy

This is just the beginning of our partnership with Direct2Florist. What started as a chance meeting on a train has really turned into something serendipitous.

In the future they may look into withdrawing money from their PSP right into Wise to cut even more costs. Since moving money from those platforms in different currencies can be pricey.

As Simon believes, this is the beauty of companies using technology to the best of its ability. Giving customers a brilliant experience. And we totally agree.

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