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Whether you need to send money to Nepal for your family, or to celebrate a holiday, or for something else – we got you. Our transfers are always cheap, fast, and safe.

Here are some important things to know about sending NPR with us:

So move that money between your accounts. Or send some to your friends. Or pay some bills. Or anything else. We’ll save you time, money, and stress in the process.

What is the fee for each route?

AUD to NPR2.5 AUD + 1.00%
BGN to NPR3 BGN + 1.00%
BRL to NPR3.22% (Minimum fee - 10 BRL)
CAD to NPR2.5 CAD + 1.00%
CHF to NPR2 CHF + 1.00%
CZK to NPR40 CZK + 1.00%
DKK to NPR12 DKK + 1.00%
EUR to NPR1.5 EUR + 1.00%
GBP to NPR1.5 GBP + 1.00%
HKD to NPR40 HKD + 1.00%
HRK to NPR12 HRK + 1.00%
HUF to NPR500 HUF + 1.00%
JPY to NPR200 JPY + 1.00%
NOK to NPR16 NOK + 1.00%
NZD to NPR3 NZD + 1.00%
PLN to NPR7 PLN + 1.00%
RON to NPR8 RON + 1.00%
SEK to NPR16 SEK + 1.00%
SGD to NPR2.5 SGD + 1.00%
USD to NPR2 USD + 1.00%

Click here for more details on NPR pricing.

Happy transferring!

The TransferWise Team

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