It started with your money transfers. Now it’s time for chapter 2.


By Taavet & Kristo, Wise co-founders

A few years ago now, we found a simple solution that cracked a problem we both had.

We’ve told the story many times over — we found that explaining how we invented Wise helped people understand why they might need to use it.

You — the Wise community — are the people who listened. Perhaps you heard it straight from us, our team, or from a friend of yours who’d already found our platform. There are well over a million of you now. And that’s a number we’re incredibly proud of, and utterly humbled to write.

Our guess is that you’re on Wise because your life has something global about it. It’s 2017. Of course it does. Feeling global is second nature for so many people. You’re connected to the other side of the world like it lives next door. But still, somehow, your bank isn’t keeping up.

Money transfer’s one thing. But there’s more to fix — old-fashioned bank accounts only work properly in one country. They only hold one currency. And when you try to use them across borders, they overcharge you. Or break completely.

That’s why we’ve been busy building something that might solve a few other broken bits of the world’s financial system. Today, for the first time, you can try out what we made.

It’s called the Borderless account.

Introducing the Borderless account

Instead of being local to one country, the Borderless account works just like a local bank account in many different countries. It’s built the way the world works now. Interconnected. Where the winning businesses are the ones whose ambitions go beyond national borders — in pursuit of talent, sales, and goods. It’s hard to do business outside your home market, so we hope the Borderless account helps you feel a little more local in the places you’re not.

You get local bank details in the UK, Eurozone and U.S., and soon, you can get them for other countries, too. So you can tell your American client ‘just pay my U.S. account’. You can hold money in 15 different currencies and switch funds between them instantly. That means you can make future payments to your Dutch supplier right from your Borderless account.

Our aim is to make it available for everyone, everywhere. But to start, it opens for businesses and freelancers, with more and more to come for more and more people. We can’t wait to see how you put it to use, and if you find it as useful as what we built (with your feedback, help and evangelism) to replace old-fashioned money transfers.

What we know for sure is that we designed it with the same values. No hidden fees. Complete transparency. Real exchange rates. World-class security. And a commitment that it’ll get faster, easier and even cheaper.

So now over to you. Go try it. And tell us what you like and don’t, so we can make it better.

Thank you for being part of this.

Kristo & Taavet

Wise Co-Founders

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