11 TikTok finance influencers worth following

Anna Allgaier

For someone like me, who neither identifies as cool or hip, and still remembers what a Walkman is, I naturally assumed that TikTok wasn’t for me. I also assumed it was just a space where pretty young people with great dress sense danced in front of their iPhones. How wrong I was. Shame on me for pigeonholing.

Turns out, TikTok is also full of finance influencers, of all ages, who are here to help us become smarter with our money, through short snippets, which is great because I have the attention span of a spoon. Shoutout to my high school teachers who always wrote “shows potential but doesn’t listen” on my report card. WELL, LOOK AT ME NOW MRS JOHNSON.

Moving on, let’s get down to business and wave heya to the top TikTok finance influencers out there.

Look how much you could save. Now. Thnx.

Top TikTok finance influencers

Erika Kullberg

Erika Kulberg is an attorney and personal finance expert who’s TikTok videos offer financial tips from a legal perspective. She’s all about saving money, getting stuck in to the T’s and C’s of things and handling your personal finances. She’s also got 14 million followers across Facebook, YouTube and TikTok so like… wow.

Humphrey Yang

Humphrey Yang not only has an amazing name, he’s also got amazing financial advice. He’s an ex Wall Streeter who now washes us in finance wisdom. That sounded creepy. My apologies. Anyway, he’s really great at taking super complicated subjects that would usually make most people break a sweat, and explaining them bit by bit.

Tori Dunlap

Tori’s slogan is “fighting the patriarchy by making you rich.” YAAS. Here for it. So here for it. She’s also like a total millionaire, and her content aims to help the women of the world join her in the high-flyers club. Yes, yes, I know. Money isn’t everything. But being able to afford shopping at Whole Foods is super nice. So, sue me.

Sara Roalia

Sara Roalia puts 19-year-old me to shame (much like our 20 Under 20 contestants did). While she’s making over $50K a month through 10 different income streams, including investing and owning her own businesses, I was ordering a Domino’s Two for Tuesday, for one.

Rahul Rai

Rahul Rai is in the acting business, so he knows the importance of having a side hustle and building up an investment portfolio so you can focus on following your passion while the dollar bills take care of themselves. He’s also there for some seriously helpful financial literacy education. *Subscribes now.

Robert Ross

No, it’s not Bob Ross’s son. Robert Ross is a stock analyst who will help you understand the maths and logic behind the stock market. He’ll break down everything from credit spreads (what are those?) to which stocks to avoid and why.

Milan Sign

Milan Sign is the money hack king. Overstatement? I think not. His videos includes glorious topics such as:

  • How to save during a recession
  • How to get free chargers and save on airpods
  • How to lower your medical bills
  • How to save money at Build-a-Bear
  • Range baby. Range.

Nick Meyer

Nick Meyer’s mission is to “make personal finances fun.” Good luck buddy. Just kidding, he does a really good job of it. He’s a certified Financial Planner, Exec Assistant and professional tax advisor. That’s a lot of credentials.

Crypto Mason

The clue’s in the name. You’re going to get crypto news and help from this guy. He’ll show you how to get bang for your buck in the crypto world, keep you updated with news and answer big questions like, hey, “is crypto over?”. Maybe I could do what he does too. Probably not. Never mind.

Delyanne Barros

Ex-attorney Delyanne Barros “teaches investors how to slay the stock market.” I already love her. She’s a money coach who means business and can help you build A FINANCE EMPIRE.

Taylor Price

Taylor Price is a 21-year-old finance fiend who’s all for “Gen Z money.” Guess that excludes me, whatever. No hard feelings. Well, her channel is there to make young people feel comfortable, confident, and in-connected with their money – because there’s nothing more powerful than feeling financially secure, savvy, and successful.”

And there you have it, whatever you’re looking for there's an in-the-know money genius out there ready to help.

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