What your horoscope says about your spending habits

Anna Allgaier

There are two kinds of people in this world. People who swear that their star sign “just totally sees me for who I really am” and people who think that who you really are, is a moron.

I personally have an app installed on my phone that gives me daily readings and talks about things like moon cycles, so you can guess which camp I’ve got my tent hitched in.

So in a bid to persuade the non-believers, I’ve put together a guide on what your horoscope says about your spending and overall relationship with money.

This is incredibly accurate, and you must take it very, very, seriously (don’t worry Legal Team, this is a joke.)

Please note: All wild assumptions and unfounded generalisations about your spending habits have been crowdsourced using information from the finest magazine horoscope sections out there. They are definitely not accurate and should be taken with a giant pinch of salt.

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Aquarius, January 20th to February 19th ♒

When it comes to work, money isn’t as important to you as putting your mind to something and making it happen. You’re all about the ideas, and while you don’t feel out of control with your finances, you find it easier to delegate this burden to someone else. But you’re totally a work hard play hard kinda person. Good for you.

Money oopsie: You’re a free spirit, love that for you. But that also means you aren’t fabulous at thinking long term with boring adult things like mortgages. Maybe something to look at?

Most likely to: Spend on stuff that makes them look all edgy and cool.

Pisces, February 19th to March 20th ♓

You’re more passion over prospects. Vibe.
So money and material isn’t overly important to you. That being said, when you put your creative mind to it you can really rake in the dollars.

Money oopsie: You buy things you don’t need. Stay away from the impulse buys near the tills. This is hypocritical of me, but I’m not a Pisces so HA. You also need a lot of financial advice in your life, take it. I suggest starting here.

Most likely to: Own 100 houseplants.

Aries, March 21st to April 19th ♈

If you’re an Aries, you’re innovative, independent, intelligent. And this shows in your relationship with money. You save and you work hard, unafraid to give setting up your own ventures. You take the big risks baby! Such an entrepreneur.

Money oopsie: You’re an impulsive little thing so sometimes you can spend without thinking or jump to make decisions with your finances too quickly.

***Most likely to: Take someone out on a super expensive date. (You single? Asking for a friend.) ***

Taurus, April 20th to May 20th ♉

You’re notoriously stubborn…looking at you Mom. But that stubbornness does help you to go full steam ahead with your ambitions, making sure you get all the finer things in life. You’ve got your eye on the prize and you know how important it is to save, spend on quality and invest wisely. If you’re a Taurus you probably use Wise, because you’re clever like that.

Money oopsie: You’re super generous, especially with the people you love in your life. And that’s great, but be careful who you spend your hard earned pennies on 👀.

Most likely to: Buy Egyptian Cotton bed sheets.

Gemini, May 21st to June 20th ♊

Gemini’s are big on livin la vida loca. You’re one for experiences and giving everything a go, which applies to your spending habits too. You’re free spirited means you aren’t afraid to take risks with investing, in ideas and yourself.

Money oopsie: You’ve got your fingers in all the pies, so try to stay focused and be wise with where you pop your pounds.

Most likely to: Buy the round of drinks.

Cancer, June 21st to July 22nd ♋

Oh Cancer, you’ve really got your finance hat on. You’re the responsible sign. You save, you spend wisely and you prioritise important things like a stable future and security over getting the latest dress at Zara in 10 different colours.

Money oopsie: You don’t treat yo self enough you silly crab! Go get a massage or something.

Most likely to: Actually put money down on a property.

Leo, July 23rd to August 22nd ♌

You’re all about the drama and this shows in your spending. Like Taurus, you’re most likely to spend and quality not quantity, but boy, oh boy do you like the quality. But it’s ok, because you totally save for the future. Why? Because you can’t imagine a world where you don’t get to live the same bougie life in the future.

Money oopsie: You treat yourself too much. Way. Too. Much.

Most likely to: Hit the shops on payday.

Virgo, August 23rd to September 22nd ♍

Virgo honey, you know how to be smart with your spending and boy oh boy do you know how to hunt down a deal. You’re frugal with your wallet but this bodes well for a financially secure future.

Money oopsie: Sometimes you miss out because you’re too scared to spend.

Most likely too: Be the friend that always wants to divide up exactly what they had on the bill.

Libra, September 23rd to October 22nd ♎

You’re a hedonistic spender, but that doesn’t mean you turn a blind eye to your financial situation. In the spirit of balance, you like to spend on things that make you feel good while making sure you have a stable future ahead of you.

Money oopsie: Your online shopping habit needs addressing.The DHL delivery man is judging you.

Most likely to: Spend money on pretty things like farm shop goodies, fragrances and fads.

Scorpio, October 23rd to November 2st ♏

You love control and POWER. So you’re more or less destined to be a big baller who acquires a lot of wealth. You spend on expensive things that will continue to acquire value as time goes on.

Money oopsie: You sometimes think you know best which can get you in the occasional financial pickle. Take advice from time-to-time.

Most likely to: work on Wall Street.

Sagittarius, November 22nd to December 21st ♐

You’re full to the brim with luck. You’ve literally walked to the end of the rainbow, been kissed on the forehead by a Leprechaun and handed the pot of gold. Sagittarius are lucky enough to bet big on their finances and usually get a positive outcome. If things don’t work out, they move onto the next venture.

Money oopsie: Instant gratification spending. I mean, same to be honest.

Most likely to: Always be away on holiday.

Capricorn, December 22nd to January 19th ♑

You're a total business babe. You’ve got work down to a T, and you’re ready to take over the world with your beautiful, business-minded brain. Michele Obama is a Capricorn so like, enough said.

Money oopsie: You don’t spend on the fun, frivolous stuff. Even a Sea-Goat hybrid needs a silly purchase once in a while.

Most likely to: Actually know how to budget and stick to it. Jealous.

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