A quick list of things that unify us as a global community

Anna Allgaier

There are plenty of things that divide us across the globe, but I’m here to talk about the glue that holds us all together as a global community. The things that make us want to hold hands around a fire, sing kumbaya and say “hey, we really are one, aren’t we?”

I could’ve written a list that goes on forever, but I’m only paid to be in the office until 6’oclock, so what you’ll be getting instead is a strong list of 11. Take it or leave it.

(Please don’t leave it.)

🌎Unifer numero uno: Wise🌎

Disliking the same person 😈

Not a great thing to admit. But here we are.

Free stuff 🧀

I’m talking samples, I’m talking company lunches, I’m talking buy one get one free. We want it and we want it all, baby.

The joys of sneaking in a mid day nap 😴

Just please don’t fall asleep in public. That’s dangerous. Unless you’re in Japan where there’s zero crime and it's considered polite to zonk out anywhere.

Critiquing Olympian’s performances when we cant even do a cartwheel 🤸

The sport equivalent of walking through a modern art gallery and saying “I could’ve done that.”

Beyoncé 👑

Who run the world? She does. She really, really does.

Not having our own Netflix log in 💻

Who is patient zero?

Closing our eyes when we wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom just so we “keep the sleepy” 🚽🏃

A race none of us signed up for.

Accidently waving at a stranger thinking it was somebody we knew 👋

Waterloo Train Station, 7:50 pm, January 3rd, 2019. I’ll never forget.

Loving Bill Murray, hating Groundhog Day 🐿

Great guy, awful film. Sorry if you disagree with me.

Forgetting why we walked into a room 💔

It happens to all of us, probably once a week. And we all pull the same face when it does. It goes a little something like this: 😊😐🤔🥲

Vibing with instant, low-fee transfers 😎

See what I did there? Reeled you in and then BOOM…Wise.

On a serious note, we don’t believe in borders. So if you’re looking to send money abroad for an affordable, transparent fee, or you’re about to travel or work from a new location, we’ve got somethingthat could make your life just that little bit easier. (It’s us, that something is us.)

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