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Phil Cummins

Virtual cards are a new feature from Wise to use alongside your green physical debit card. But unlike with a physical card, you can generate new card details instantly.

You can use virtual cards to make purchases online, in store with mobile wallets such as Apple and Google Pay and even withdraw cash at some ATMs via contactless.

So when would you use virtual cards over physical cards?

  • You can choose to always use them instead of your physical card. That way you can keep your physical card details safe.

  • If you’ve lost your physical card and need access to your money quickly, for example if you’re out and about or stuck abroad.

  • Creating a virtual card for each merchant adds an extra layer of security.

  • Virtual cards are great when giving card details over the phone to pay for something; after authorising the payment you can rest easy by simply deleting the virtual card.

  • Virtual cards are great for managing free trials because you can delete them to prevent recurring bills (please check that you’re not legally required to make these payments, like an insurance policy with a minimum term).

To get a virtual card, you’ll first need to open an account and then order a physical card. From there you can hold up to three virtual cards simultaneously. You can instantly replace these card details if needed or delete them.

All consumer and business customers in the UK, EEA, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore are eligible.

Get your virtual card inside the app or on the website today!

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