Receive money in any currency — with just your email address

Susanna Raiend

What if we told you it can take people up to 10 minutes to use your account details to send you money? First they have to ask you for them, then they have to copy them, then enter them...not to mention any extra time stressing over getting each digit right.

And what if it takes you a while to get back to them in the first place? It can stretch the process to hours, if not days.

We don’t think that’s the best use of anyone’s time. So we’ve made it easier to send and receive money on Wise. Now, all people need to know to send you money is your email address or phone number.

How does it work?

All Wise account users can turn this new feature on by updating their settings. There are several ways to do it:

  • In the app: Go to ‘Account’ and select ‘Receiving by email or phone’. From there you can choose how you’d like to let people find you.

  • On the computer: Go to ‘Settings’, then select ‘Contacts on Wise’.

  • We might also ask you if you’d like to turn this on when you log in to your Wise account. You can then just select ‘Turn on’ and it’s done! You can even add a profile pic to make sure people know it’s you.

Wise receive via emailsync contacts

Once you’ve let people find you, anyone who has your email address will be able to locate you on Wise when they want to send you money. Or, ask them to sync their phone contacts with the Wise app to find you by your phone number — you’ll automatically appear in their list of recipients.

Then the next time you need to receive money from someone, and they ask for your bank details, you can tell them ‘You don’t need those! Just use my email address or phone number.’

Wise receive via emailsync contacts

You’ll always have the option to turn this feature off if you decide you don’t want to be found. But since every second counts when you’re dealing with money, why not save yourself and others’ time by passing on the account number soup and opting in to receive money via email or phone number.

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