One Year and 10 Million Euros Later


It was just about one year ago that we brought Wise to you. Little did we know back then what the year ahead would have in store for us. In short, it has been nothing short of exhilarating. Seeing you make your first payments was an incredibly exciting start to the Wise journey. Through the year we've seen lots of ups, a few bumps along the way, but most importantly we've seen lots of happy customers.

At the same time, we’ve also reached another very important milestone – we’ve now processed over 10M euros in transactions. We take that as a strong vote of confidence from all of you! And most importantly, this means that we have saved our customers more than half a million euros in charges and bank fees! Almost 5,500 payments were made by students, professionals, businesses and pensioners across Europe, to make up that 10M euro figure.

Over this first year we've also been working on improving our service a lot, we’ve launched a new design (still more parts of the service to be improved over coming weeks and months) and grown our team to 10 people. And that’s not all, that’s only the beginning, we’ve got some pretty big plans for our 2nd year. We'll be in touch again soon telling you about the new currencies coming to Wise and more.

Thanks to all!

Taavet, Kristo and the whole team at Wise


P.S. - we're happy to give away free payments to anyone and everyone who becomes our fan on Facebook!

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