12 money memes that show how bad we are with our dollar dollar bills y'all

Anna Allgaier

It’s a well known fact that when you put something shameful out there, it immediately becomes funny and you stop thinking about things you did a year ago at 1’oclock in the morning while you lie in bed questioning your life choices.

That being said, one shame stain remains pretty consistent in our lives…how we spend our money. It doesn’t matter if you’re 10 years old splashing out on too much pick n mix at the tuck shop, or 28 spending all your money on a brunch that wasn’t even that good, we’ve all been there, we’re probably going to keep going there, and it’s time to gather together as a global community of money morons to acknowledge our oopsies and figure out how we can avoid them going forward.

But for now, let’s have a lol with these 12 money memes. If your lol turns into a cry, don’t fret, we can help you be a smarter spender.

Make a smart money decision 🤓

1. Oh life, you cruel mistress


2. I catch flights, not finances 


3. Vibes 


4. The audacity 


5. Worth it


6. Mind your own business please


7. Rude


8. Young memories of embarrassing things I said 10 years ago that keep me up at night


9. Amen


10. At least you have something to nibble on while you sob


11. Daddy Warbucks, where are you?


12. Ain't that the truth


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