Wise mission roadmap 2.0 is now live

Karen Gutierrez
1 minute read

Building products is fluid, and now our roadmap is too! We’ve just launched the live version of our mission roadmap, which shows you what we’re currently working on and what’s next.


So, what’s new?

Real-time view of what our teams are working on

The roadmap now shows a ‘live’ view of what our product teams are working on at Wise! Instead of periodic updates we’ll update the roadmap when there’s something new we’re cookin’ up for customers. Once an item has been shipped, you’ll find it in the new “Launched” section.

Interactive features

Likes 💙

We introduced the mission roadmap to provide our customers and future teammates (yes, we’re hiring!) useful insight into what our product teams are working on, and to understand which features excite you the most.

Go ahead and give them a like!


Filtering by Region

While we think globally, some features have to be built locally. You can now filter to see what features are coming up next in specific regions.

In the future we’ll also introduce comments and the ability to follow specific features and submit ideas, so stay tuned for even more ways to engage with our product teams!

Found an item that we should ship sooner? We need more hands on deck and maybe you’re the one that can help us deliver that feature. Check our careers page for open roles!

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