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Pat Fearing - “What exactly do you do?”

Bond - “Oh, I travel – A sort of licensed troubleshooter.”

James Bond is a total Mr.Worldwide. Pitbull approved. When the man isn’t making things go boom, he’s hitting up some of the lushest travel destinations the world has to offer. And while none of us will ever be able to look as cool as him ordering a Martini or walking slow motion out of the Ocean, we can get a taste of the Bond life by staying in some of the hotels the agent blessed with his dapper presence.

Here’s a list to titillate your travel urges.

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James Bond Hotels

Matera James Bond Hotel

The Hotel in Matera, Italy has its moment in ‘No Time to Die.’ It’s located in the Basilicata region and is famous for having 1,500 cave dwellings that have been repurposed into homes that date back to the Stone Age. The suite they stayed in was just a set, but the city has multiple places to stay that live up to the film’s depiction. Give Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita a go.

James Bond Hotel Bahamas

The hotel we googly eyed in ‘Casino Royale’ wasThe Ocean Club. It so happens to be a Four Seasons Resort which steps it up on the “omg how fancy” scale in my eyes. It’s also on Paradise Island Nassau, so it’s all in the name people.

Hotel Belvedere James Bond

The Belvedere Hotel from ‘Goldfinger’ is all snuggled up in the middle of the Swiss Alps. The sad news, it's shut, the good news, it's still there so you can go have a looksie. There’s also another Hotel Belvedere you can stay at in Grindelwald, Switzerland. So tomato, tomato (please imagine one of those said in an American accent and the other in an English one - thanks). If you’re sticking to a Swiss theme, you can also stay in Bern’s Hotel Schweizerhof which appears in ‘On Her Majesty's Secret Service.’

James Bond Hotel Venice

This gem of a hotel was in three James Bond films. Hotel Danieli in Venice overlooks Palazzo Ducale and has views of the Grand Canal and islands off of Venice. You can stare at couples hopping on a Gondola and soak up the 14th century architecture of the hotel. If you aren’t there for the culture and are more there because Sean Connery once stepped foot in the place, I get you.

James Bond Atlantic Hotel

Not in the Atlantic Ocean, but in Hamburg, Germany. Hotel Atlantic Kempinski featured in ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ back in 1977. It’s situated at the Alster Lake and is, of course, 5 star. Because baby you’re worth it.

Eso Hotel James Bond

Ok so, the Eso Hotel isn’t actually a hotel. In fact, it's the European Organisation for Astronomical Research. Basically it's an Observatory with a ‘Residencia’ for its scientists and staff. While you can’t stay there you can go on tours of the place, and it’s well worth a visit considering it sits 2600m high on the Paranal mountain in the Chilean Atacama. You can visit the beautiful space during the last two weekends of every month. Except for December, because scientists need a holiday too.

Hotel Palacio Estoril James Bond

The Palácio Estoril Hotel in Portugal showed up on screen in the Bond film ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ in 1969. Scenes were shot there and the cast even stayed at the hotel. Plus the head of concierge, José Diogo featured in the movie and still works there today. Please don’t ask him to repeat his lines from the film. I assume he gets this a lot.

James Bond Hotel Mexico City

Known for its stained-glass ceiling, the Gran Hotel Ciudad de México from ‘Licence to Kill’ is in downtown Mexico City. It has major Art Nouveau vibes, looks over Zócalo square and is home to the Terraza Restaurant where you can enjoy delicious food with a view of the city. Dreamy.

Montenegro James Bond Hotel

Another hotel from ‘Casino Royale’, Hotel Splendide was actually called ‘Grandhotel Pupp’ in the movie. Personally, I prefer the film's name, but I’ll try to move past that. The Czech Republic hotel has 228 rooms, so you’re spoiled for choice. Fun fact: in the James Bond novel, Hotel Splendide was actually in a French seaside resort. Knowledge is power.

James Bond Hotel London

London’s The Langham Hotel has been open for over 150 years in the heart of the West End. In ‘Goldeneye’ the hotel is meant to be located in Russia. But clearly the budget was tight back then, who knows. Anyway, they didn’t go to Russia, it's in London. You're going to love it.

James Bond Hotel Jamaica

The Liguanea Club in Kingston, Jamaica can be found in Ian Fleming’s book ‘The Man With The Gun’ and the movie ‘Dr. No.” If it’s a fave of the authors it's probably going to be a fave of yours too. It’s a members club and hotel, with a pool, tennis courts, and the whole shebang. What fun.

Even Mr.Bond needed a handy sidekick on a mission from time-to-time. Since I doubt you’ll be able to get your hands on an M15 agent, take a Wise card instead. Less hassle.

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