NatWest international transfer in the UK: fees, rates and transfer time

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One of the UK's biggest banks, NatWest, offers several ways to make transfers abroad. You can choose standard or express transfers depending on how urgently you need to send the money and how much you want to pay for the service.

In this guide, we look at details and costs you’ll face if you make an international money transfer with NatWest. And fees aren’t the only things you’ll need to consider. It’s also important to take into account exchange rate markup - on average a spread of an additional 4-6%.

On top of that, there are normally 1-3 intermediary and recipient banks who also charge fees. You can pick who pays the fees, but they are still there, regardless.

But, before we get into the guide, here’s an example on how Wise compares against NatWest when sending money to the US. Notice how Wise uses the mid-market exchange rate – the one you can see on Google.

Comparing costs for sending GBP to EUR

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What are the fees for an international transfer with NatWest in the UK?

Let’s break down the costs you need to consider when sending money abroad with NatWest – the international transfer fees, exchange rates, and additional fees.

NatWest international transfer fees

Here are the fees that NatWest currently says it charges for international transfers:¹

NatWest international transfersRegular fees
Incoming international transfer
  • Up to £100 in euro: no fee
  • Up to £100 in non-euro: £1
  • Above £100 in euro : no fee
  • Above £100 in non-euro : £7
Outgoing international transfer
  • By mobile or online banking: no fees (standard); £15 (urgent) for all currencies
  • By telephone, post/fax, or in branch in euro: no fee (standard); £23 (urgent)
  • By telephone, post/fax, or in branch in non-euro: £22 (standard); £30 (urgent)
Additional fees may apply
  • See Additional Fees section below

These are the figures NatWest currently gives, but the precise details of your account and transfer might not perfectly fit into this category. You should get in touch with them to confirm the necessary details if you’re not sure.

NatWest exchange rates

Whenever you make an international transfer with a bank, there’s another cost to consider alongside fixed fees. Your money will be converted to the new currency at an exchange rate set by the banks. If you make your transfer online with NatWest, they’ll give you a quote² based on their current exchange rate, but if the rate changes, your payment cost will change too.

Whatever the exchange rate ends up being, it’s very unlikely to be as favourable to you as the mid-market exchange rate that you’ll find on Google, because it’s set by the bank.

Additional fees

If you’re transferring outside the EEA, additional banks - not just the bank receiving your money - might be involved in the transfer. That’s standard practice with a SWIFT transfer. These other banks sometimes charge fees, but because the fees aren’t set by NatWest, it can be very tricky to find out exactly what they’ll be when you make your transfer.

NatWest international transferAdditional fees per transfer
Agents’ fees (intermediary bank fees)
  • Any non-EEA transfer might incur fees from other banks involved in the transfer.
  • With NatWest, you can choose whether you’ll only pay NatWest’s fees, whether you’ll pay all fees, or whether the payee will cover all fees.³
Providing incorrect IBAN/BIC details
  • If you submit the wrong payment details, NatWest might charge any additional costs to you.⁴
Urgent transfer
  • £15 (by mobile or online banking); £23 (by telephone, post/fax, or in branch in euro); £30 (by telephone, post/fax, or in branch in non-euro)¹ + possible overseas bank charge


If you value transparent fees and want to avoid exchange rate markups, consider sending money with Wise. You’ll get a low transfer fee, no hidden costs, and the fair mid-market exchange rate.

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Please see the Terms of Use for your region or visit Wise fees & pricing for the most up-to-date information on pricing and fees.

How do you make an international transfer with NatWest?

There are a few ways to make international payments with NatWest: via app, online banking, in branch, fax or by post

If you want to make the transfer online or from the mobile app, have your login details at the ready. Log in and look for ‘Payments and Transfers’: there’s then an option to select ‘International payments’. Choose this and follow the instructions on the screen.

If you go to a branch, you may need your bank account details. A teller will talk you through the process.

What do you need to make an international money transfer with NatWest?

This is the info you’ll need about the account into which you’re transferring the money:²

  • The beneficiary’s SWIFT/BIC (a SWIFT/BIC finder can help you out if you haven’t been given it).
  • The beneficiary’s IBAN, if they have one
  • The beneficiary’s account number and national clearing code (NCC), if they don’t have an IBAN

When does the transfer arrive to the recipient’s account?

How long your bank transfer with NatWest takes depends on the payment type.

Your transfer could arrive to the destination account on the same day or within 4 working days.⁵

What are the transfer limits with NatWest?

The amount of money you can send abroad depend on the limits set on your account and card. But, here are the maximum limits possible with NatWest:⁶

Banking means with NatWestMaximum transfer limit
Using online banking or the mobile app£20,000 or currency equivalent
Using telephone banking, fax, post, or in branchNo limit to the amount

How to contact NatWest?

  • For further information, NatWest’s online support centre can help you out.
  • For general queries, their number is 00 44 345 788 8444.
  • If you log in, you can also chat with someone from NatWest via their website or mobile app.

Whether you choose to make your international transfer with NatWest, Wise or another provider, make sure you know the full costs involved - both the upfront costs, additional fees, and the amount that the exchange rate will set you back. When your money’s at stake, it pays to be well-informed.

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