Instant 24/7 payouts to Russian cards

Europe Team

Every day, people who send money to Russia with Wise say goodbye to expensive bank fees and horrible exchange rates. We love helping our customers to save money, but we knew that we were far from our objective of instant transfers.

Sending money to Russia with Wise has been quite slow. The majority of transfers only reached the recipient’s account 2 days after the transfer was set up. Our mission is to bring instant payments everywhere, so we knew we could do better in Russia.

RUB payments to cards are instant!

We are really happy to announce that our efforts have already made a huge impact. Half of all RUB payments are sent to cards, which used to take at least a day to deliver. Now, it only takes seconds, or a few minutes at most, to pay out Russian ruble to cards.


A borderless world brought to you by a borderless team

At Wise, we aim to bring our little revolution to every corner of the world. We work hard on creating a borderless world where people can move their money instantly, conveniently, transparently, and eventually for free. We know it won’t be easy, but we are determined to make it happen.

We work towards this borderless world in a team with over 70 nationalities. For example, 24/7 instant RUB payouts to cards were made possible by this team of borderless humans:


From left to right:

  • Zsuzsi, Hungary, engineering
  • Darja, Estonia, operations

We know that we’re not there yet, but our team continues to work hard to reach our mission — so payments to Russia can be faster, cheaper and more convenient for you.


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