How to buy a German sim card (2022)

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Travelling to Germany soon? Whether it’s a holiday or a longer trip, you’ll need to be able to use your smartphone.

Now that the UK has left the European Union, many UK mobile networks no longer guarantee free roaming within Europe. This could mean high charges for using your phone abroad.

So, it could be pretty handy to have a German sim card instead. You’ll be able to use the service of a German mobile network provider, swerve those roaming charges and use your phone throughout your trip.

But how do you go about buying a German sim card? We’ve put together a guide covering everything you need to know, including mobile network operators, sim card types and options for buying a sim card online.

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German sim card providers

The main mobile networks in Germany are Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica O2¹.

Between them, they have thousands of shops across the country, especially in major cities. Simply pop in to see which German sim card plans they have available, and to buy your new sim.

Take a look below for how to find a local store near where you’re staying:

You can also buy prepaid and pay as you go German sim cards at other shops, including Media Markt, Saturn, Aldi (selling Aldi Talk sim cards, which use the O2 network), Lebara Mobile and a number of other grocery stores and petrol stations².

Types of sim cards in Germany

Before you start shopping for sim cards, it can be useful to understand more about the type of sim cards available in Germany.

Prepaid sim cards

This is a bundle which typically includes data, calls and messages, with a set monthly price paid in advance. However, it’s not a contract, as the plan is typically flexible so you can cancel or switch at any time.

If you’re choosing a German sim card prepaid plan, take a close look at how much data is included. You’ll find that a German sim card with unlimited data can be very expensive.

Pay as you go sim cards

If you prefer things more flexible, a pay as you go German sim card could be the right option for you. It works just the same as in the UK, where you top up in advance and then use the credit for data, calls and messages. When you run out of credit, you’ll need to top up again.

Can I buy a German sim card at the airport?

Many German airports do sell sim cards, but you might find that they’re more expensive than elsewhere. Plus, there are likely to be only limited options available, as these are mainly German sim cards for tourists.

So it may be convenient to buy your sim card at the airport, but it comes at a price. It could be better to wait until you reach a city centre, or look into options for buying your sim card online before you travel.

Can I buy a German sim card online?

If you prefer not to have to visit a shop, there are a few options for buying a German sim card online.

Buying a sim card in advance

If you’re staying in the country for a while, you can order online and have your new sim card shipped to your accommodation.

You’ll need to follow a few steps to verify your identity - you can do this online or in person at a German post office³.

eSim cards

If you need your sim card right away, or your trip is short, you can buy an eSim card instead.

An eSim card works the same way as an ordinary sim card, but you don’t actually need the physical card. It’s a tiny chip (smaller than a sim) built into your phone. Not all phones have an eSim, but many newer models do.

Provided your device is equipped with an eSim, you can simply sign up for an eSim plan online. You might need to download an app to choose your location, package and activate your plan. Some eSim cards are data only, so don’t include calls or messages.

Providers of eSim plans in Germany include:

  • Airalo
  • SimOptions
  • O2
  • Holafly.

Some eSim providers offer international or Europe plans, which can be used in multiple countries. This makes them a popular choice for travellers who’ll be hopping between destinations. And if you’re looking for a German sim card for students studying or living abroad, this could be a better option.

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Use the Wise debit card for your overseas spending and you can say goodbye to changing currency and carrying cash around. It’s easy, convenient and could save you a bundle.

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