Layover hotels in Dublin airport – costs, cheaper alternatives, and what to do at the airport

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Have a long layover at Dublin airport and need somewhere to stay overnight?

To help you get some much-needed rest before your onward flight, here’s a helpful guide to layover hotels in Dublin airport. Plus, a few other options for accommodation in Dublin itself, in case you have time to see some of this vibrant city.

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Hotels in Dublin airport

Here’s an overview of hotels based in or very close to the actual airport itself, so you won’t have to walk far to reach your room.

Maldron Hotel Dublin AirportFrom €209¹/£176*251 rooms²
  • 24hr shuttle bus
  • Restaurant
  • Coffee shop
  • Check-in + boarding pass printing
  • Meeting rooms
  • Free Wi-Fi³
Radisson Blu Hotel, Dublin AirportFrom £179.38⁴229 rooms⁵
  • Restaurant
  • Access to leisure centre + pool
  • Meeting rooms
  • Free Wi-Fi⁵
Carlton Dublin Airport HotelFrom £241.09⁶118 rooms⁸
  • 24hr shuttle bus
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Fitness studio
  • 2 restaurants
  • Bar
  • Meeting rooms⁷

Cheap hotels near Dublin airport

If you’re not bothered about staying in Dublin airport itself, you could save money by lodging just a little further away.

The cheapest hotels near Dublin airport are Premier Inn Dublin Airport and Travelodge Dublin Airport North Swords. They’re quite close to each other, and it should cost around €7.60/£6.41* to €10.00/£8.43* in a taxi.⁹

Alternatively, you can hop on an airport shuttle bus run by Premier Inn for just €2.50/£2.11*.¹⁰ There are also a number of local bus services which will take you the 6-minute journey.

Premier Inn Dublin Airport

The Premier Inn Dublin Airport is just 2 miles from the airport, with a cheap shuttle bus service running every half hour between 4.15am and 11pm. The hotel has a restaurant, luggage facilities and free parking.¹¹

Standard double rooms with Hypnos beds, power showers and free Wi-Fi are available from €114/£96.09*.¹¹

Travelodge Dublin Airport North Swords

The Travelodge Dublin Airport is north of Swords, around 2.3 miles from the airport. The hotel has limited free Wi-Fi and parking available at a charge. There’s no bar or restaurant, although breakfast is available¹².

A room-only stay in a standard double room with a king-size bed costs from €169/£142.45*. Stays including breakfast start from €178/£150.04* a night.¹²

Cheap accommodation options in Dublin

Have a little more time to spend? Here’s a quick look at options for a cheap hotel in Dublin city centre, where you’ll be in the heart of it all.

Motels and hostels in Dublin

  • Jacob’s Inn - a funky hostel right next to Connolly station and the Busaras (bus station) with rooms for all travellers, including individual rooms with private bathrooms. Prices start from £29 for a bed in a dorm, and £127 for a private room.¹³
  • Abbey Court - located just off the famous O’Connell Bridge, Abbey Court offers single, double and group accommodation, with a 24hr reception, free Wi-Fi and free breakfast. Prices start from £37 for a dorm bed, and £141 for a private ensuite room.¹⁴

Airbnb options around Dublin

Take a look at a couple of options from Airbnb. The housing options on the platform are constantly changing, so the flats described might not be available for your stay in Dublin. However, you can still get a pretty good idea what to expect from the price and quality perspective.

  • Liffey View Suite - a private room (shared bathroom) in a townhouse on Eden Quay in Dublin city centre, with views over the river Liffey. Prices start from £105 a night (plus Airbnb service fees).¹⁵

  • Dublin City Centre Loft- a studio loft apartment all to yourself, right in the heart of the city. Prices start from around £170 a night (plus Airbnb service fees).¹⁶

Staying at Dublin airport

What about staying at the airport itself? Let’s take a look at the essential info you need to know, including airport facilities, restrictions and contact information.

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What can I do in the airport during my layover?

  • Duty free. The Dublin Airport duty-free shopping destination is called The Loop, home to a wide range of quality cosmetics, fragrance, alcohol and fashion brands.¹⁷

  • Shops. If you want to stock up on travel essentials, snacks and drinks, take your pick from shops such as Boots, WH Smith and Spar. Dublin Airport shops list also includes Avoca and Wrights of Howth, which sell Irish speciality products.¹⁸

  • Lounges/VIP areas. The airport has no fewer than four premium lounges. This includes a standard Dublin Airport Lounge in each terminal, plus the East Lounge for travellers heading east and the 51st & Green Lounge for pre-US departures.¹⁹

  • Restaurants/cafés. Hungry? Choose from a huge range of Dublin Airport restaurants and casual eateries, including Café Bar, Caffé Nero, Butler’s Chocolate Café, Burger King and Food Village.²⁰

  • Bars/Pubs. For a tipple while you wait for your flight, or before you turn in, there are a couple of options - Flutes wine bar and the Gate Clock Bar, a traditional Irish pub.²⁰

Can I leave Dublin airport during a layover?

If your passport provides you with visa-free entry to Ireland, you can leave the airport during a layover. UK citizens can enter Ireland without a visa and travel freely in and out of the country.²¹

Can I stay at Dublin airport overnight?

You can book a stay at either Maldron Hotel Dublin Airport and Radisson Blu Dublin Airport, which are within the grounds of the airport itself. However, there aren’t any sleeping facilities within the airport terminals.

Can I shower in Dublin airport?

There are shower facilities at Dublin Airport, but only in a couple of the premium lounges - the Lounge Terminal 2 and the 51st & Green US Preclearance Lounge.²²

Does Dublin airport have sleeping pods, and how much do they cost?

Dublin Airport doesn’t have official sleeping pods available to hire. However, you may be able to find seating comfortable enough to get some rest in one of the premium lounges.

Contact options and a phone number for Dublin airport

Need to get in touch with the airport? Here’s the Dublin Airport contact number and other key details:²²

After reading this guide, you should have all the info you need to plan your layover at Dublin Airport.

We’ve covered the nearest hotels if you’re purely looking for convenience, as well as some cheap hotels near Dublin Airport if price is a concern. Also, you have some nice options to kick back and relax at the airport if your layover isn’t too long.

And if you have some time to kill, why not stay in the city centre and do some sightseeing? Whichever you choose, have a great trip.

*1 EUR = 0.8429 GBP (16-08-2022)

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