On May 31st, it will become cheaper to transfer HKD

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We know you'll want to understand exactly how this change affects you, so we've written this post with all the information you'll need to be informed of the changes. Heads up – this post is divided into 2 general sections:

1. Why we’re changing our fees (and why they’re going down on most transfers and not changing for others)

2. The new fees

If you’re not very interested in the “why”, and you just want to know how the new pricing will affect your transfers, go straight to the new fees.

Why we're changing our fees

We believe sending money to another country should be as cheap as sending an email. Yes, we think it should be free.

We’re not there yet, but that’s what we’re shooting for.

Why fees are going down

When we opened for business, we based our fees on how much transfers cost us to process.

Since then, we’ve gained a lot of customers, and they've driven our costs down on many transfer amounts and routes. At the same time, we've gotten better at what we do, and that's brought our costs down too.

We’ve used those savings to lower our fees where we can, which means most of you will be able to send money for even less.

The new fees

Price Change Description Routes Affected
Cheaper for all amounts Transfer to these routes are about to get cheaper for you. AUD, BRL, CAD, EUR, GBP, INR, JPY, MYR, SGD, and USD
No change at all All others

To read more about transfers from HKD, visit our HKD transfers page

What is the fee for each route?

Route Old Pricing New Pricing
HKD to AUD HK$20 + 0.5% HK$10 + 0.4%
HKD to BRL HK$30 + 1.5% HK$20 + 1.2%
HKD to CAD HK$20 + 0.5% HK$10 + 0.4%
HKD to EUR HK$20 + 0.5% HK$10 + 0.4%
HKD to GBP HK$20 + 0.5% HK$10 + 0.4%
HKD to INR HK$20 + 0.7% HK$10 + 0.4%
HKD to JPY HK$60 + 0.8% HK$20 + 0.8%
HKD to MYR HK$25 + 0.9% HK$20 + 0.6%
HKD to SGD HK$20 + 0.7% HK$10 + 0.5%
HKD to USD HK$20 + 0.5% HK$10 + 0.4%

What are the fees for using a card?

If you pay by debit or credit card, the fee is still 2.0%.

Log in to use the calculator or check our pricing page to see how the changes will impact the transfers you make.

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