Dude, where’s my transfer?

Amy Dicketts

We know how important it is for folks to know when their money is going to arrive — and how, ahem, annoying it can be when they pester you, the sender, for updates.

In 2020, we released a transfer tracker for recipients to address this issue. It lets you share a tracking link with your recipient, which they can use to see how much you've sent, when the money will get to them, and where it is in real time — between your bank, Wise, and your recipient's bank.

But it was only available on the web, and in a somewhat invisible menu on Android. Not super convenient for either of you.

So we went back into the lab, pulled our sleeves up, and made some improvements to it.

What's changed

First of all, when transfers went wrong the experience wasn't great. One issue was that we weren't able to give any information if transfers bounced back. We fixed this, so now we can tell your recipient that there's an issue with the transfer, rather than leaving them in the dark.

We've also improved the UI in these 'unhappy' cases, and made the information easier to read and understand.

Finally, and most importantly, we found that people struggled to find the sharing link on web and Android, and it didn't exist at all on iOS. So we added a tracker sharing button on iOS, and made it much easier to see on web and Android.


How can I share my transfer status?

There are two ways you can share your transfer’s status.


When setting up a transfer, make sure to add your recipient’s email address in addition to their payment details. After that, whenever you send them money, we'll automatically email them to let them know it's on its way, and share a tracking link they can use to follow its progress.


Sharing the tracking link

You can also share the tracking link with your recipient directly. From your homescreen, just select the transfer you want to share, and hit the 'Share with recipient' link to view the sharing options.

You can copy the URL directly, or share via WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, email, or any other messaging app you have installed. (If you're on iOS or Android, you might have to update your app to see the new sharing option).

It's as easy as that!

But we’re never really done. We're always looking for ways to improve, so let us know on social media what you think about the tracker, and how we can make it even easier for you to share.

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