Helló! TransferWise now speaks Hungarian

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###After a few weeks in private beta, we're very happy to announce that TransferWise is now available in Hungarian.

(And if you like, you can read this blog in Hungarian!)

Our Hungarian translation was a huge community effort of TransferWise customers who know our product the best.

The availability of Hungarian is a testament to what we can accomplish together. The TransferWise community is rewriting the old rules of banking, enabling international transfers that are fair and honest, and now bringing this movement to Hungarian-speakers all over the world.

Hungarian joins Spanish, German, Italian, French and Portuguese as supported languages on TransferWise's website.

Hungarian will soon also be available in our iOS and Android apps.

####How do I enable Hungarian on TransferWise?

Simply navigate to your profile settings and select your preferred language.

If you need any help, please have a look at our help center.

Special thanks

A shout out to Peter, Mihaly, Péter, Gyozo, Katalin, Balázs Ferenc, Norbert, Matyas, Júlia, Richard, Réka, Kata, János and Ferenc, our customers who helped with translations and made this possible!

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