Haslle partners with Wise Platform

Louis Smith

We’re excited to announce our latest partnership supporting the needs of businesses, through our partnership with Haslle, a spend management solution provider. Thanks to the Wise Platform easy to use API’s, Haslle customers now have access to fast, cheap and transparent international payments provided by Wise, all from within the Haslle platform.

Haslle’s finance automation tools consist of solutions for budget management, invoices, payments, cards and subscriptions. With 45% of international transfers completed within 20 seconds, integrating Wise Platform allowed Haslle not just to remove slow and inefficient international payments but also offer a seamless customer experience.


Wise Platform enables Haslle to meet the market demands of seamless digital solutions, whilst adding to the growing number of spend management companies who have selected Wise Platform as the provider of choice for providing international money transfers with no exchange rate markups and full price transparency to their customers.

By tapping into our API, more people and businesses get access to better, fairer international transfers. Bringing our service to Haslle customers is another step towards our vision of fast, low cost, transparent international payments for everyone.

Haslle are the latest partner to join an ever growing list of banks, financial institutions and companies like Xero and GooglePay. Through Wise Platform, we enable these businesses to tap into the infrastructure we’ve built over the past decade to offer their customers the best way to send money abroad.

Globally, Wise Platform is live with partners in 11 countries across 4 continents. Wise Platform also comes pre-integrated in core banking platforms like Temenos, Mambu and Thought Machine.

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