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If you’re looking to help your children learn about managing money and spending responsibly, a prepaid card from gohenry could be the ideal choice.

This dedicated children’s card offers unique parental controls and lots of features to help young people learn handy money skills.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the gohenry card, including features, fees, how to apply and how to top up the card.

And for grownups, we’ve thrown in a little handy info about the Wise multi-currency debit card. With this international card, you can spend in the local currency of 200+ countries for tiny fees, and withdraw up to £200 a month for free.

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But more on that later. Let’s get back to the gohenry card for children, starting with the basics.

What is a gohenry card?

The gohenry card is a Visa prepaid card designed just for children aged 6 to 18 years old. It works just like a debit card for spending online and in shops, and for ATM withdrawals. But the big difference is that you top it up with money in advance. This is what makes the card so child-friendly, as there’s no risk of wild spending sprees or going overdrawn.

Gohenry was actually founded by parents, who wanted a safe and responsible way to help their children learn about managing money.

The gohenry card is managed online or using an app, with separate logins for you and your child. This comes with great parental controls, including setting spending limits and deciding where the card can and can’t be used. For example, you may wish to set the card to be used in shops and cash machines only, rather than online.

gohenry card features

The gohenry prepaid card and app comes with lots of great features, including:

  • Add chores and tasks to help your child earn extra pocket money
  • Set savings goals
  • Automatic notifications to tell you when and where your child is using the card
  • Instantly block and unblock the card - in case it’s lost or stolen
  • Spend and withdraw money internationally - a great opportunity to learn about foreign currencies and exchange rates.

How to top up a gohenry card

There are a few different ways parents can top up their child’s gohenry card.

To start with though, you need to add money to your parent gohenry account. The best way to do this is by debit card, but you can also use a bank transfer or standing order if you prefer.¹

You get one free top-up of your parent account per month¹, with additional top-ups charged a small fee.

Once you have money in your parent account, you can top up your child’s gohenry card in one of the following ways²:

  • Instant, one-off debit card transfer
  • Set up automatic weekly pocket money transfer
  • Set tasks or chores for your child to complete to earn extra pocket money in the weekly transfer.

How to apply for the gohenry card

According to gohenry, you can apply for an account and card in just a few minutes³.

Head to the gohenry website to apply, making sure you have your details and some identity verification to hand. You’ll either need your full driving license, or both a UK passport and a recent utility bill, council tax bill or bank statement⁴.

No credit checks are carried out, but gohenry does do something called a Know Your Customer check (KYC)⁴ to meet its regulatory responsibilities. This involves verifying your identity and address against public record databases like the electoral roll.

Application complete? You should receive your child’s card in around seven working days³.

Once you’ve signed up with gohenry, activate the card⁵ by logging into your account on the mobile app or online. Click ‘activate’ next to your child’s name and follow the instructions, including entering the last four digits of the card number.

At this stage, your child’s PIN, username and password will pop up. These are the details needed for your child to log into their app, and to start using the card. Just make sure not to hand anything over until you’ve set up the parental controls and spending limits to your liking.

gohenry charges and fees

Now, how much does it cost to get a gohenry card? The good news is that you can try it out for free for a month. Once your free trial is over, there’s a small monthly subscription fee to pay (if you choose to continue). This is taken from the funds in the parent account, not your child’s. Another good thing about gohenry is that you can cancel any time, as you’re not tied into a contract.

Let’s take a look at the monthly subscription fee and any other charges you need to know about before signing up:

Transaction typeFee⁶
Monthly subscription fee£2.99 per child
Get a cardFree; £4.99 for custom designed card or Eco Card
Top up parent accountFree (1 top-up a month); £0.50 for additional top-ups
ATM withdrawalsFree - both UK and international
Online/physical purchasesFree - both UK and international

What are the limits with the gohenry card?

There are, as you’d hope with a children’s card, a few limits on the amount you can load and spend with gohenry. Here are the main ones⁶:

  • Parent account balance - maximum of £6,000
  • Annual load limit of £10,000
  • Child account spend per day - maximum of £4,000
  • 10 child account spends permitted per day
  • Child account ATM withdrawal limit of £120 (at a time and per day).

How does the gohenry card work overseas?

One of the aims of the gohenry card is to teach children good money skills and habits, and this includes spending abroad. For this reason, the card can be used for free for purchases and ATM withdrawals internationally - anywhere that Visa is accepted.

The Wise debit card - a low cost way to spend overseas for grownups

The gohenry card is a great option for kids, helping them to learn about spending in the real world - including overseas. They can withdraw and spend internationally for free, but what about parents?

Luckily, there’s a money-saving alternative for grownups too. Sign up for free and get your multi-currency account with Wise and you can spend and withdraw cash in 200+ countries using your own contactless debit card and free virtual card feature. There are no transaction fees, only a tiny fee to automatically convert currency at the real, mid-market exchange rate. What’s more, you can withdraw up to £200 a month for free at international ATMs.

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So, that’s pretty much it - all the features, fees and everything else you could want to know about the gohenry card for kids.

It seems like a great way to help young people manage money and spend responsibly, and you’ll get full parental control. If you’re not sure if gohenry is right for your family, there’s always the free one month trial so you can test it out for yourself.

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