Fruugo and Wise partner to help online merchants be more international


We're excited to announce that Wise has partnered with Fruugo to help e-commerce businesses become more international.

Fruugo is one of the leading marketplaces and specialists in generating cross-border e-commerce sales for retailers. Fruugo’s mission is to enable shoppers everywhere to buy from retailers anywhere, and currently support e-commerce merchants in 42 countries, 31 currencies and 28 languages.

As part of their continued international growth, Fruugo is announcing their partnership with Wise. Merchants can use Wise Business account details to receive earnings as local withrdrawals in 10 currencies, including US, Australian, Singapore dollars, Euro, British pounds and more. Benefit from receiving local currencies for free, low conversion fees on international transactions to over 50 currencies and a multi-currency debit card.

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Providing a seamless and inexpensive solution

Global sales need a solution which is local to the retailer. Fruugo generates sales for retailers in a variety of currencies from sellers all over the world, and regardless of where a sale is generated, will always pay a retailer in their own domestic currency.

It can sometimes be costly for retailers to receive funds internationally - a key part of Fruugo’s platform is to provide the most inexpensive and efficient way for retailers to remit funds in their own currency. This latest partnership with Wise will enable Fruugo to continue to provide a seamless and inexpensive solution and enable retailers to sell more, worldwide.

"As a trusted and growing platform for e-commerce, it is extremely important for us to continue to provide the best and most cost-efficient solution for our retailers to take their products global.

We believe that international selling should be as simple as selling to customers in your own country. With Fruugo, any retailer can reach a global audience and we’re delighted to partner with Wise and offer use of its platform to the ever-growing retailer base we have here.” Tony Preedy, Managing Director at Fruugo.

The quickest and easiest way to take a product global

Fruugo makes exporting simple and guarantees to generate profitable incremental sales growth for its retailers by making their products available wherever in the world there is customer demand.

Built by an in-house team of experts in cross-border e-commerce, the Fruugo platform provides retailers with a complete service and simplifies many of the complexities of selling products globally. Here’s how the Fruugo team support their 1,400+ retailer base:

• Providing an end-to-end eCommerce solution spanning demand generation through to order orchestration and customer service
• Connecting them to shoppers in 40+ countries
• Translating product listings into the local language of the purchaser
• Using sophisticated digital marketing, bidding, and advertising strategies across e-commerce shopping channels, search engines, countries, and product categories to drive traffic to retailers’ products
• Calculating, applying, and collecting international sales taxes and, where applicable, paying this to the relevant government body on behalf of the retailer
• Utilising comprehensive online fraud detection services
• All of the above is available at no risk to the retailer as we operate on a no sale, no fee business model

If you’d like to learn more about Fruugo, or to start selling more products worldwide, click here or email

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