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Researchers found that planning a holiday and the anticipation of going on it is actually more enjoyable than going on the holiday itself. When you take a moment to get over how depressing that sounds, you’ll realise it makes sense. It’s the travel equivalent of going to a restaurant and looking at the menu beforehand.

Well, since planning a holiday is so much fun, I wanted to get in on the action. Will I be going on any of these trips? No. Am I bitter about it? No comment.

To spice things up, instead of throwing a dart on a map or getting knee deep in Conde Nast Travel, I’ve prowled through the internet’s favourite film locations so you can base your travels on movies that have tickled you.

So, shove your Wise card in your wallet, because we’re going on holiday.Yes, we. I’m joining.

Haven’t got a Wise card? Here you go

Bridgerton film locations

It’s fair to say that most of us have swooned over seasons one and two of Bridgerton. Definitely for the story line and not the male cast. Well, seeing as the chances of us actually getting hitched to Anthony Bridgerton are pretty slim, all we can do is visit the Bridgerton film locations, take a mental picture, and fantasise about it later.

Bridgerton was filmed across multiple locations in the U.K. including London, Hampshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Kent and Bath. So purchase yourself a flight ticket to old Blightey, and get ready for some shocking weather and very polite small talk. Here’s the highlights.

The actual exterior of the Bridgerton House was filmed in London, Greenwich but the exteriors are the Royal Air Force base, RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire. Next on the tour is The Reform Club in London where all the gentleman’s club scenes were filmed. This may be a little harder to get into seeing as it's a private members club located right off Pall Mall (close to Queen Lizzy’s house) but good things take time. So get your application ready.

Not too far from The Reform Club is Lancaster House where Queen Charlotte’s parlour scenes were shot. To be honest I was less interested in the parlour and more interested in the impressive size of her wig, but there you have it.

Enough with parlours and houses though, let’s talk about the important stuff, the heart of all romantic Bridgerton scenes…the ballroom. A big chunk of the fancy school discos were filmed in Bristol at Leigh Court. You can go take a tour of the Grade II house and go for a stroll on the grounds.

The Crown film locations

Ok so, The Crown film locations are all over the place, so please forgive me for only pulling out a few golden nuggets from the royal soap opera. The first series alone cost $130 million to produce, which I assume is the amount that Buckingham palace spends on cucumber finger sandwiches and scones per annum.

But anyway, here are some of The Crown film locations that caught my eye…

The one thing you’re going to notice in the spots I’ve chosen is that we were fooled. Totally fooled. Thought that was Windsor Castle you were getting a glimpse of? Well, think again my friend. That was Belvoir Castle located in the Vale of Belvoir. Yup, betrayal.

Oh, Westminster Abbey? More like Ely Cathedral.

Did you feel special getting to take a look at the cool little courtyard bit of Buckingham Palace? Well. prepare to feel normal because that was The Old Royal Naval College. How’d you like them apples?

The Sound of Music filming locations

As someone with Germanic routes, Schnitzel runs through my veins. Which is why the Sound of Music spoke to my soul. The movie has it all - gorgeous mountain views, songs that put High School Musical to shame, children that don’t talk back and Dirndl’s, which is a traditional dress that literally suits every woman alive.

The film was shot in Salzburg, Austria. A.K.A the birthplace of Amadeus Mozart and Red Bull. Yes, those two things are of equal importance. Don’t @ me.

One of the most important filming locations was Schloss Leopoldskron which served as the rear view of the Trapp-Family home. The palace is a rococo building (I don’t know what that is) built in 1736 and its tenants included the likes of the King of Bavaria. The facade, courtyard and front gate however, were filmed at Frohnburg Palace. Which today is used for students at the Mozarteum Music Academy. Guess I’ll take up the violin then.

The notorious Do-Re-Me was sung at the Mirabell Palace and Garden around the fountain in the garden. The location was built in the 18th century by Fischer von Erlach. Pronounced “Fish-errr.”

Emily in Paris film locations

So, I mentioned I’m half German, but I’m also half American, which is why I admittedly never watched this series. Why you ask? Because I was scared it would have extreme “I went to Europe” vibes. But, I have been assured by many that this series is phenomenal and after looking into the Emily in Paris film locations, I not only want to watch, but I want to visit.

You won’t be surprised to know that most of the series was shot in beautiful Paris. La Boulangerie Moderne for instance, was Emily’s go to bakery and her regular cafe of choice was Café de la Nouvelle Mairie. My research went as deep as looking at food photos on the Cafe’s trip advisor, and I must say it looks delicious.

Now it’s time to get fancy. If you want to relive the Maison Lavaus perfume party, home to one of the city’s best views of the Eiffel Tower, then head over to Café de l'Homme. And, if you really are an American lost in Paris who misses home and wants a break from croissants and Pâté, then head on over to Ralph’s (Ralph Lauren’s restaurant) for a cheeseburger.

Call me by your name filming locations

Call me by your name made headlines when it came out, for something involving a certain fruit, that shall not be discussed in this article.

The story takes us to the North of Italy 1983 where Elio Perlman falls in love with his father’s doctoral student intern, Oliver. Most of the film is shot in and around Crema, Moscazzano and Bergamo.

The Perlman’s family estate is Villa Albergoni which sold for a pretty penny, €1.7m to be precise. The villa is located in Moscazzano outside of Roma.

If you want to imagine you’re grabbing drinks with Oliver, then take yourself to Moscazzano’s Bar Belvedere in Piazza Gambazocchi. Why does everything sound better in Italian? (Link to language of love)

Now it’s time for some culture and scenery. When Oliver and Elio join Perlman Sr on a trip to an archaeological site located in Lake Garda, they’re filmed at Sirmione. Sirmione is a promontory right at the edge of Lake Garda’s southern tip. Finally, if you want to take in the beautiful waterfall they shoot in the film, you’ll need to get yourself to the northeast of Valbondione, Le Cascate del Serio. Fun fact: it’s actually Italy’s highest waterfall. Oh nature, you never cease to amaze.

There you have it. A Wise tour of the film world. If you aren’t ready to book your flights just yet, send your money on a trip instead with our low conversion fees and speedy transfers.

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