Our fees on transfers to PHP will change on May 31st


Heads up – this post is divided into 2 general sections:

  1. Why we're changing our fees (and why they’re going down on most transfers and up on others)
  2. The new fees

If you’re not very interested in the “why”, and you just want to know how the new pricing will affect your transfers, go straight to the new fees.

Why we're changing our fees

We believe sending money to another country should be as cheap as sending an email. Yes, we think it should be free – because when money can move around the world as easily as ideas can, we’ll all be better off.

We’re not there yet, but that’s the goal we’re shooting for. So when we can lower fees, we do it.

Why most fees are going down

When we opened for business, we based our fees on how much transfers cost us to process.

Since then, we’ve gained a lot of customers, and they've driven our costs down on many transfer amounts and routes. At the same time, we've gotten better at what we do, and that's brought our costs down too.

We’ve used those savings to lower our fees where we could, which means that starting on May 31, most of you will be able to send money for even less.

Why some fees are going up

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, some transfers still cost us a little more than we originally estimated.

We’re raising our fees on those transfers to cover our costs. We know that isn't great news for the people whose fees are going up, and we're sorry about that.

We'll bring those fees back down as soon as we can. (And remember, you can always save a little money by funding your transfer with a bank transfer, rather than a card.)

The new fees

| Where you're sending | Old fee | New fee |
|GBP to PHP| 0.9% + 2 GBP | 0.5% + 2 GBP |
| NOK to PHP| 1% (min 21.6 NOK) | 0.95% + 21.6 NOK |
| CZK to PHP| 1% (min 16.68 CZK) | 0.8% + 16.68 CZK |
| SEK to PHP| 1% (min 23.42 SEK) | 0.8% + 23.42 SEK |
| CHF to PHP| 1% (min 2.67 CHF) | 0.45% + 2.67 CHF |
| BGN to PHP| 1% (min 4.4 BGN) | 0.45% + 4.4 BGN |
| HRK to PHP| 1% (min 56.83 HRK) | 0.7% + 20 HRK |
| HUF to PHP| 1% (min 698.05 HUF) | 0.9% + 700 HUF |
|PLN to PHP| 1% (min 9 PLN) | 0.75% + 9 PLN |
|RON to PHP| 1% (min 10 RON) | 0.8% + 10 RON |

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