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If you happen to be a Dutch expat residing in the UK or a UK citizen with connections to The Netherlands, being aware of the Dutch banks operating within the UK, their offerings, and the locations of their branches, might help you out with your financial transactions.

In the UK, lots of banks, including those with Dutch origins, cater to the needs of individuals and businesses alike. Although, the whole financial thing might not be a walk in the park for all. This is where game-changers like Wise come into the picture, making it simple and quick to handle your money between different countries. Very hassle-free, no complicated Canary Wharf business. So, let's have a look into the alternatives you’ve got for Dutch banks in the UK, along with what they bring to the table.

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Dutch banks in the UK

You don’t need to wonder if there are Dutch banks in the UK, because the answer is yes.

Several of the main Dutch banks have offices and services available in the UK, but they tend to focus on business and corporate customers, with limited or no services for personal customers. So, opening a bank account in the UK with a Dutch bank as an individual can be a tad trickier. We'll go through a list of possibilities, and also show you about Wise, an electronic money institution that allows you to open a multi currency account from the UK, The Netherlands, or from a bunch of other countries.


ING¹ is a global bank with a significant presence in wholesale banking in the UK, which means a more sector-focused client business. They provide specialised lending, tailored corporate finance, debt and equity market solutions, sustainable finance solutions, payments & cash management and trade and treasury services. Located in the heart of the UK's financial district, the City of London.


ABN AMRO UK² is a full-service bank with a transparent and client-driven business model with traditional and digital banking products. They have established positions in Large Corporate Coverage, Global Markets, Clearing, Asset Based Finance and Transaction Banking with one branch in the UK, located in London.


As one of the oldest branches in the Rabobank³ network, the London Branch has been serving and supporting the UK's Food and Agribusiness (F&A) sector with tailored solutions, in-depth market knowledge, and its broad global network for over 40 years. They are more focused on large corporates, private equity firms and financial institutions with Wholesale banking, and banking for food and energy.

Which Dutch digital banks are in the UK?

Triodos Bank

Triodos Bank⁵ is a Dutch digital bank that invests its resources in projects and organisations that align with their values, ranging from renewable energy initiatives to organic agriculture and cultural endeavours. They have products and services for individuals, business, and charities, including current and saving accounts, lending and financing. Their UK Head Office is located in Bristol, but there are also banking regional offices in London and Edinburgh.


bunq⁴ is a Dutch independent bank that keeps things digital and branch-free. You manage everything right from their app. They have individual and customers plans. For a set monthly fee, you can get some useful features such as joint accounts, four free ATM withdrawals per month, and a bunch of other perks. Unfortunately, in December 2020, bunq announced that they won't be taking on any new accounts from customers in the UK. Only if you're already a bunq customer, you can still use their products and cards.


How to open a bank account with a Dutch bank in the UK

Setting up a bank account with a Dutch bank is a breeze if you happen to have a residential address in The Netherlands. However, things might get a bit trickier if you don't. To solve this problem, Wise is here for you. This multi-currency account helps you save money from abroad hassle-free.

To get rolling with a Wise account, just access the website or the Wise app, provide an image of your ID and an address verification from the UK, The Netherlands, or any other country supported, and you're good to go once your account gets the thumbs-up. Here are some of the perks that a Wise account can provide you

  • Send money to 80+ countries worldwide, with fees as low as 0.41%.
  • Save and exchange between over 50 currencies, including euros (EUR) and British pounds (GBP).
  • Convert between currencies at the mid-market exchange rate.
  • Get a Wise card that's accepted in 170+ countries around the planet.
  • Receive payments from more than 30 countries using local bank details given to you by Wise

Sending money with Wise vs banks

If you want to convert some euros to pound across borders, you can compare the traditional methods used by the banks and Wise, which uses the mid-market exchange rate, to see which one fits you better. Wise is all about fast and easy transfers, with no hidden fees, using the mid-market exchange rate, which is the same rate you see on Google. The cherry on top? You can get yourself a Wise account up and running from practically anywhere – whether from the UK, The Netherlands, and various other places across the globe.

You might need to check the "Which Countries Can I Use Wise In" list to see their coverage.

Let’s imagine that we’re sending over 100 EUR to a UK account, where the money will be converted into GBP. Now, let's compare how much money the recipient would get when using Wise against a few big European banks, taking into account the transfer fees and the exchange rate.

ProviderTransfer feeExchange rateRecipient gets:
Wise1 EUR1 EUR = 0.858550 GBP85.00 GBP
Rabobank16 EUR1 EUR = 0.851469 GBP71.52 GBP
Sabadell22 EUR1 EUR = 0.832484 GBP64.93 GBP
ING31 EUR1 EUR = 0.851253 GBP58.74 GBP
CaixaBank36 EUR1 EUR = 0.838718 GBP53.68 GBP

Transfer fees and exchange rates correct at time of research - 08/30/2023

And clear as it is, in this scenario, your recipient comes out with more money using Wise, compared to making an international transfer through a bank. So, whenever you're in need of sending money abroad, either in euros, pounds or any of the other 50+ currencies that Wise supports, take a once-over and check if you’re making the better deal.

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