Fee-free donations to Australia bushfire relief funds

Christine Sou

Australia is fighting one of its worst bushfire seasons. With fires spreading across all states, the country is in crisis. To stand by Australia and show our support, we’re giving our customers fee-free transfers up to A$1,000 per donation to bushfire relief funds.

What’s happened in Australia?

More than 6.3 million hectares of bush, forest and parks have been burned. That’s over 3 times the amount lost in 2019 Amazon and 2018 California fires combined. And to put it into perspective, the fires in New South Wales alone would cover most of the south of England. Australia needs our help.

Read more on the BBC here.

We’re waiving fees on donations to bushfire funds.

Customers around the world have been asking Wise how they can donate in AUD to bushfire relief efforts. So we’ve made transfers to selected organisations supporting the relief efforts fee-free. You don’t have to be in Australia to donate.

To donate, set up a transfer just like normal. Make sure to fill in the right bank details. Then pay for your transfer with the amount you want to donate. And as always, select the payment method that suits you best. Your money should arrive in less than a couple of days.

When you donate to support rescuers and those affected by the bushfires, we’ll waive fees on up to A$1,000 to the following organisations from now till 26 January 2020.

Account nameBSBAccount numberABNAddress
Mayoral Bushfire Fund1050940356805408314043923971 Howard Dr Penneshaw SA 5222 Australia
State Emergency Relief Fund0652661002016034971079915Riverside Centre North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000
Country Fire Authority Public Fund0632251022232639255319010Shop 281, 270 Canterbury Rd, Forest Hill VIC 3131, Australia
NSW Rural Fire Service03200117105133910227311Locked Bag 17, Granville NSW 2142

If you want to send more than A$1000, that’s great. Just make sure you set up a new transfer each time. Because we can’t waive any fees if an amount over A$1000 is entered.

Send money now.

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