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Sascha Huth

We believe in radical transparency, and not just when it comes to fees for sending money abroad. We believe your money should be clear and easy to understand too. That’s why we’ve launched categories and insights. So you can compare your sending and spending across months and categories. Because not everything needs to be viewed in isolation this 2020, especially not your money.

What you can now do with categories and Insights

Categorise your transactions

Your transactions will automatically be categorised into one of 15 categories: bills, eating out, education, entertainment, expenses, family and friends, general, groceries, health, holiday, income, pets, shopping, subscriptions, and transport. Phewf.

And you can always re-categorise a transaction later. Because even our auto-categorising can make mistakes.

Compare your spending across months and categories

Sometimes it’s good to reflect on months passed....not too much though. You can now look back and see where you spent, or didn’t spend, which categories you maxxed out on and which ones got less love.

See your spending split by currency

As we’re big believers in money without borders, for people who live across multiple currencies, we’ve made it as easy as possible to see your spending insights by currency. That way you can actually see how much you spent in EUR or GBP or any of the 50+ currencies you can hold in your account.

This is on top of all the things you could do already, like:

  • see spending statements in your account
  • export statements
  • get notifications every time you spend
  • see how much you have left in your balance
  • filter your transactions by currency and date

What’s next?

Soon you’ll be able to filter your spending by where you’ve spent it — by country and by merchant. And our tech’s always getting smarter, so soon it’ll be able to remember any recategorisations you make, and mimic them for future spending.

And, of course, we’re bringing the feature to iOS, too.

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