Black lives matter.

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The unjust, racist treatment of Black communities in the United States and around the world is rightly driving outrage and calls for action by people everywhere, including many of our team.

We stand against anti-Black racism and racism in any form. We stand with the Black community. We stand with protests around the world. Black lives matter.

Part of our mission is to create a more open world. We don’t have all the answers, but we have a responsibility not to be silent, to speak out against racism, and to stand with our employees, customers, and communities against injustice.

We've compiled some resources about the history behind the Black Lives Matter movement, how to contribute to a relevant cause, and some places to look for help if you need it.

Learn more about the movement and issues of systemic racism.

Online resources:


Learn where you can get or enable mental health support:

  • Crisis Text Line – free, 24/7 mental health support available by texting HOME to 741741 (US only)
  • The Loveland Foundation – a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to Black women and girls seeking mental health support through their Therapy Fund

Learn where you can donate if you’d like to:

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