The best places for a "hen do" or "bachelorette party"

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Ok, so we’ve tackled the name discrepancy in the title. Some call it a hen do (because a hen is a lady, get it), some call it a bachelorette party. But forget about the differences, let’s focus on the similarities. Whatever you call it, if you’re going to one of these events the chances are you’re going to either have a really wonderful time with your gal pals, gallivanting around fuelled by mimosas, or, you’re going to have the actual worst time of your life and be forced to wear some sort of outfit involving a neon tutu or a shirt with a degrading nickname on it in glitter.

A lot of the time, the responsibility of planning said joyful/painful event, is thrown onto the friends. Well, fear not people of the world, we’re here to help. Yes, that’s right, a finance company bank is going to help you - yes you - plan a party. Who would’ve thought it.

To help you on your quest to create a night you want to remember but probably won't, we’ve done some investigating on Google and pulled your most searched destination questions.

And to make sure you get the answers to your questions, we’ve taken a look at the searches for both hen do’s and bachelorette parties.

Now, let us begin…

Send that bar a deposit

The hen do’s

The best places for a hen do abroad

Well my lovelies, the world quite literally is your oyster. There are, of course, a million places you could go but since you’re calling this a hen do, we’re assuming you’ll be flying from the cold shores of old blighty. So we’ve selected a few locations that are just a short, affordable flight away.


Oh hello, Barcelona, or as the lads call it “Barcaaaaa.” We’re talking tapas, we’re talking sangria, we’re talking beach clubs. Barcelona is the perfect place to soak in a bit of culture and be assured a good time. There’s a row of beach clubs on Port Olimpic, amazing tapas restaurants like Balius (they serve up a mean cocktail too), and gorgeous hotels to stay in such as the Majestic Hotel & Spa. Just a pre warning, Spaniards don’t eat dinner until really late. Like, really, really late. We’re talking 10:00/ 11:00pm late. But do not fear, there’s plenty to snack on - go to Manola bakes, you will thank us, and then you will not thank us, because they are addictive, and you will eat until you are in pain.


Call it “I-bee-sa”? Call it “I-bee-tha”? Doesn’t matter. You’re going to want to book yourself a flight here. The well known Balearic island in the Mediterranean Sea has got everything you need for a party weekend (or a chill one too.) If you’re looking for a chill time why not try OKU Ibiza, and if you’re looking for something more affordable you can stay at Los Enamorados hostel. Then head on over to Nikki beach club for vibes and sushi, or Sunset Ashram for yes, more vibes, and views. P.S don’t worry, you can avoid the “Kevin and Perry go large” vibes.


Before you ask, no, Amsterdam was not selected for this list due to its notorious legalisation of what some may call “the devil’s lettuce”. Amsterdam offers a great nightlife, Stroopwafel and they even have a cheese museum. A freaking cheese museum. We know nothing after the cheese museum will match up, but, here are a few suggestions for your trip. Believe it or not, Amsterdam is home to some of the best Indonesian food outside of the country itself, we recommend hitting up Blauw for some sensual sharing plates. Check out The Hoxton or Dutch Masters for all your sleeping needs, and hit up the school turned nightclub “De School” for a good time.


So many suggestions, not enough time. Budapest is great. The capital of Hungary isn’t just rife with lovely architecture, it’s also got loads of wacky things to do, like visiting Buda Castle Labyrinth here the person who inspired Dracula was held captive. Scary. But, if you’re just popping over to have a little boogie, here are some suggestions. Slumber in The Corinthia Hotel, or and an air of “ooo” to things with The Mystery Hotel - there really isn’t anything spooky about it, sorry for misleading you. Dine at Rosenstein and get your groove on at Club Ötkert. While you”re there, say hello to anyone you see wandering the streets in Wise merch. We have an office there. Humble brag. Looking for a job to fund your hen do? Apply here.

The bachelorette parties

Move over Brits, it’s America's time to shine. This section gets an intro. Why? Well, because your searches were a little more location focused. So we’re answering your queries place-by-place. Such fabulous service. Please leave a five star review on trip advisor. Or a meaty tip.

The best places for a bachelorette party in Bangalore

So you’re looking to hit up India’s southern capital? We get it. The foods great, the weather’s great, it’s all great. Well, if you’re looking for some lovely digs, book yourself a stay at The Leela Palace Bengaluru or The Taj Bangalore. Go for a fancy tasting menu at Karavalli

Or live like a local and nibble on some food at Cafe Thulp!. Have a tipple with a view at the 13th Floor rooftop bar, and get some culture at The Bull Temple.

The best places for a bachelorette party NYC

What better place to stay up all night than the city that never sleeps. Or just have three Chardonnays at dinner and call it a day. Whatever works for you girl. When in the big apple you can stay at The Whitby if you’re splashing the cash, or The Roger if you’re being more cash conscious. Go for a bite of french food and fabulous drinks in Soho’s restaurant “Raoul’s” followed by a drink at Attaboy on the Lower East Side. Looking for a day place to dine? Check out the Time Out Market lots of options.

The best places for a bachelorette party in Florida

Right, you weren’t making things easy for us here with this search. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but Florida is BIG. So, to make our lives and your choosing simpler, we’ve decided to go with Miami. If it’s good enough a place for Will Smith to write a song about it (let’s pretend the whole punching Chris Rock thing didn’t happen for the sake of this line) then it’s good enough for you to go and get jiggy there. When in Miami, you’ll get a taste of Latin-American culture, and, of course, you’ll need to try the famous Cuban Sandwich. But first, let’s get your trip booked. Pack your bags for the “Hotel Fontainebleau”, complete with sea views, or call “The Betsy - South Beach” your home for a few days. Go for a craft cocktail at “The Broken Shaker” and have a dance at LIV Miami or Floyd.

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