BBC Moneybox on "Wise Transfers" and bank-beating P2P technology


The BBC's personal finance gurus at the Moneybox programme spoke to Wise co-founder Taavet to find out how money transfers are becoming cheaper, faster and simpler.

Peer-to-peer technology is making more and more people sit up and take interest as it continues to revolutionise financial services. So the folks at BBC Moneybox decided to speak to Taavet to find out how Wise can save people money - click here to listen to the whole interview (skip to 7.15 for the juicy bits). And we're very pleased to report that the programme's producer Julie Ball decided to see what it's like to send a transfer with us. Not only did she say it was "as easy as using my online bank," but she was also able to save well over £20 compared to what her bank would have charged her.

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