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While credit and debit cards are pretty widely accepted in Denmark, it’s still possible that while there, you might need access to some cash. Withdrawing cash from an ATM in Denmark is pretty simple and straightforward¹, but this guide should still answer whatever questions you may have.

Where do I find ATMs (Pengeautomat) in Denmark?

ATMs are extremely widely available in Denmark and can be found at most bank branches, as well as at supermarkets and shopping centers². Even in smaller towns, you only need to find a bank to find an ATM.

To track down the local bank closest to you, try these locator tools:

There are also a number of international banks that operate in Denmark. Find some of them with these tools:

Will my credit or debit card work in Denmark?

US, UK and Australian cards should have no problems in Denmark if they are issued by Visa or Mastercard, the most widely accepted networks in the country². American Express and Diner’s Club are also accepted, though are not as common. Looking for an ATM that shares your card’s network? Try these tools:

Danish ATM PINs

In Denmark, chip and PIN cards are most common, though travellers report that in most cases, chip and sign cards, like the ones most commonly issued in the US, will still work. Cards without chips, and with only magnetic strips, are less likely to be accepted. Danish ATM cards come with four-digit PINs, so if you have a longer PIN, you may want to request one with four digits before travelling to Denmark just to be safe.

Danish ATM max cash withdrawal limits

Typically, ATMs in Denmark will allow up to 2,000 kroner per transaction, though ATMs can be found that will allow withdrawals up to 3,000.

Give your bank a heads up before you travel to Denmark

You should always let your bank know before you travel internationally. Otherwise, activity on your card that’s coming from a foreign country may be flagged as suspicious and cause the bank to shut down your card. That can leave you without access to cash, and if there’s a big time difference between Denmark and your home country, it may be awhile before you can reach customer service to get service restored. Nobody wants that kind of hassle while travelling. You can also check to see if your bank has a maximum daily withdrawal limit, and request to have it temporarily raised if you will need to withdraw a lot of cash during your trip.

What are the fees at Danish ATMs?

Want to know how to best avoid ATM fees in Denmark? Read on.

Exchange rate fees at ATMs in Denmark (DCC)

When using an ATM in a foreign country, you will sometimes see the option to view the transaction in your home currency, rather than the local currency. Don’t do it! Dynamic currency conversion (DCC) allows the ATM to set its own exchange rate, often poorer than actual the mid-market rate (the exchange rate you’d see on Google), and charge you for the difference. You should always choose the local currency when using a credit or debit card in a foreign country.

Other fees

Check with your bank ahead of time to see if you’re charged a flat fee or a percentage as a withdrawal fee, or if your bank charges foreign transaction fees. ATMs can also charge their own fees when you use a card that is issued by a different provider, so always make sure to read the ATM messaging to make sure you don’t get caught out with unexpected charges.

Check out Wise for a cheap alternative

Another option is to try Wise, which allows you to transfer money overseas at the mid-market rate with no markups or hidden fees -- just a small transfer fee. Wise also offers borderless multi-currency accounts which allow users to send, receive, hold and manage money in dozens of global currencies at once, including Danish krone. EU customers also have access to consumer debit cards, making it even easier to access your money both at home and abroad.

Whether you’re just taking a quick trip to Denmark, staying there longer term or making a permanent move, this guide should help make your trip a little easier. Safe travels!

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