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Business plan template in Word

Complete our business plan template in Word to connect with investors, and find new opportunities to grow. Give profits an even bigger boost by using our multi-currency business account with bank details in 8 currencies to send and receive payments from your partners and clients abroad and at home.

Write a business plan and start growing your business.

Create your business plan

A strong business plan is your roadmap to success. Use our downloadable free business plan template Word to outline your company’s goals and milestones, including how to structure, run, and grow your new business.

Bring on investors or new business partners

Use your powerful business plan to get funding or bring on new business partners. Show investors how you expect to develop and grow your company - and ensure they get a healthy return on their investment.

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Get a business plan template.

Successful entrepreneurs invest time in planning the way they will build, manage and grow their business. Use our smart, simple templates to write your business plan, and get ready to see your enterprise flourish.

Download the business plan template - Word format - and use the questions, tables, and suggested content to build your unique plan. You’ll find all the key elements of a traditional business plan, plus a section specifically for startups using the business plan to attract investment.

Create an impactful plan using additional financial documents, projections and forecasts - and your balance sheet, cash flow statement and income statement if available. Use our templates to create your financial statements and add them to your business plan for extra depth.

Download a blank business plan template in Word.

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What is a business plan?

You can think of your business plan as the roadmap for managing and growing your business. It’s a dynamic document which evolves and changes over time, and covers your value proposition, your operating plans and the sort of support you need to succeed.

Your business plan is a key document to get funding or bring on new partners and investors. By setting out your opportunities, aims and milestones, you’ll show how and why your company is a strong investment prospect.

For startups in particular, investors want to learn why the founders are the right people to do the job, and what money is needed to get the business off the ground. The business plan will also walk through the planned steps to move from startup to scaleup - and on to solid profitability.

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How to fill the business plan template.

Edit headings and update your table of contents.
Edit your headings, and make sure they’re formatted Heading 1 or Heading 2, using the options on the menu bar. Edits to your headings will show in your Table of Contents when you update the table. Do this by going to the References tab. Within the Table of Contents group of buttons, click on Update Table and then Update entire table.

Add your forecasts or financial statements from Excel to your business plan. For simple tables, you can just copy from Excel and paste your data into Word. You should find you have a formatted and editable table in Word, although any formulas used will no longer work. To avoid accidentally editing your data once it is in the business plan, paste your table using Paste Special to paste as a picture - or by choosing the Picture option when you right-click to paste.


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