How To Send Money Internationally With Google Pay

Vivien Thuri

Google Pay is becoming a popular method of payment. In fact, it's become so popular that traditional credit cards and wallets are starting to look like artifacts belonging to a museum.

💡Google Wallet has now become Google Pay after the merger of Android Pay with Google Wallet in 2018. ¹

With this increased popularity, you may be wondering if you can make international transfers with Google Pay, and if so at what cost. In this article, we dive into the ins and outs of the possibilities with Google Pay.

Does Google Pay work internationally?

✅ You can use Google Pay to make international transfers, but you'll need a bit of help. Using only Google Pay you can send money to your friends in the US and India - but only within the country. ²

However with the help of Wise, you can send money abroad to another Google Pay user in either Singapore or India. Learn more about that below.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is basically a much cooler version of your wallet.

It stores all your methods of payment in one place - on your smartphone. It’s a digital wallet which you can use for in-app purchases, online payments, contactless payments in store and on public transport, and even for flight and event tickets. ³

How to send money abroad with Google Pay

Send from your Google Pay app

If you're in the US with the help of Wise, you can send money abroad to another Google Pay user in either Singapore or India.

Wise is also planning to expand the number of places you can send to using Google Pay, allowing it to be used in the more than 80+ countries Wise currently operates in.

Send money from your Google Pay app using Wise:

  1. Make sure your Google Pay app is updated to the latest iOS/Android version
  2. In the app, search the person you’re trying to send money to
  3. Click Pay and select to pay with Wise
  4. Log into your existing Wise account, or create one if you’re not already a Wise member
  5. Specify the currency and select the amount you want to send
  6. If this is the first time sending money to this person, then you’ll need to enter their bank details - if you’ve previously sent money to them, then you’ll be able to find them on your list of past recipients
  7. Pay using any card saved in your Google Pay wallet - both credit and debit cards can be used

And that’s it! Not rocket science, right? If you click on the Check Status button in your in-app chat with the recipient, you’ll be able to track your payment.

Send from your Wise app

This works the other way around as well!

To pay for a transfer from your Wise app using Google Pay all you have to do is:

Step 1. Open your Wise app and tap 'Send'
Step 2. Enter the amount you'll send and choose the currencies

Step 3. As payment option, choose to use Google Pay

Step 4. Complete the remaining steps

That’s it! Simple, right?

When you use Wise to send money with Google Pay, Wise will offer you the mid-market exchange rate. Yes, the one you see on Google.

Our table below shows you how much you’ll pay when making international transfers with Wise.

Wise's fees if you're paying with Google Pay
  • 100 USD to EUR transfer
  • Wise fixed fee 0.81 USD
    Wise variable fee 1.58 USD (1.60 %)
    Total amount you’ll pay 2.39 USD
    Total amount your recipient will get 80.97 EUR

    Pretty cool, right? You can see exactly how much you’re paying in conversion and fixed fees - both of which seem pretty cheap!


    Overall, Google Pay is awesome for quick, convenient and secure payments within countries. You can pay for a range of things, from in-app purchases to transportation.

    But if you want to send money abroad, then you’ll need to use an international transfer service, such as Wise. You can send money online from our website or mobile app, in just a few clicks.

    Send money internationally with Wise 🌎

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    All sources checked on 07 May 2021

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