euro till US-dollar Historical Exchange Rates

Welcome to the euro till US-dollar history summary. This is the euro (EUR) till US-dollar (USD) exchange rate history summary page, detailing 5 years of EUR and USD historical data from 25-07-2019 to 25-07-2024.

1 000 eur
1 086,45 usd

€1,000 EUR = $1,086 USD

Mid-market exchange rate at 2024 suoi 25

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euro till US-dollar exchange rate history

The exchange rate for euro till US-dollar is currently 1,086 today, reflecting a 0.124% change since yesterday. Over the past week, the value of euro has remained relatively stable, with a -0.476% decrease compared to its value 7 days ago.

During the past week, the exchange rate of euro till US-dollar has fluctuated between a high of 1,092 on 18-07-2024 and a low of 1,083 on 24-07-2024. The largest 24-hour price movement occurred on 25-07-2024, with a 0.138% increase in value.

Se upp för dåliga valutakurser. Banker och traditionella leverantörer lägger ofta till extra kostnader genom prishöjningar på valutakursen. Vår smarta teknik gör oss mer effektiva, vilket innebär att du får en fantastisk kurs. Varenda gång.

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